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Five Must Have Loungewear Pieces for Women

by Goddiva Account 10 May 2021

Loungewear can be massively underrated. We all enjoy a lazy Sunday mood or that afternoon off on the sofa when a pair of jeans is the last thing we need, but ugly jumpers and old tracksuit bottoms are not the way to dress it.

Real cosiness is to be chilling at home and yet ready to pop by the supermarket, opening the door to a delivery and, most importantly, that empowering feeling or looking in the mirror and liking what you see.

If your wardrobe needs a loungewear renovation, go for it. Once you get it right, you will find that going for a coffee with a friend or even shopping for clothes on your own can be more comfortable than you thought and surprisingly stylish.

This selection of five pieces every woman should have is a good way to get you started:

Alternative same colour set

Let’s start with breaking down some prejudices you may have on this topic. Not all loungewear sets are tracksuits. Here’s a good example of a stylish loungewear set


 The detail of the pleats on the side gives it an elegant touch. These might not be the most comfortable of the pieces on this list but it’s a great one to have. It’s unique.

You will probably wear it more outside than at home and it will come in handy for a more casual date. The price is great too – £39.00

Bear in mind that to create this effect, especially on the top, the set should be a bit oversized so you don’t have to go a size down on this one just because it fits. Another important thing to consider here is the colour. Camel, grey, white and light blue are good choices for a more stylish type of loungewear.

Velour tracksuit

Don’t go for a tracksuit. Go for the tracksuit.


If you think red velour is only for dresses then you‘re missing out. This £39.00 set is stunning and you’ll feel like wearing it everywhere.  

 If on the one hand velour looks quite exquisite, on the other hand, the bottoms’ shape and the zip on the top make this set very sporty too.

It’s a great blend – you must get your hands on this one!

Put a skirt on it

Let’s carry on rethinking how a tracksuit can look like. A loungewear set with a skirt is not very common but it can look very good.


This is a suggestion for those who enjoy a really comfy mode. The sweatshirt and skirt set costs just £45.00. 

 It’s very casual and minimal but the skirt really makes the difference. It can be a look to adopt for a walk in the park and somehow it introduces a business tone to loungewear. Remember: sometimes less is more.

Jumper dress

This piece is truly versatile and goes beyond loungewear.


Again, the more stylish tones for these clothing items: grey, light blue, white, camel (and black). This single size £35.00 jumper dress is the living proof that context is everything.  

 This is the most comfortable thing ever to wear at home – also known as ‘how to look sexy in fluffy socks’ – and, with a pair of white trainers, is a great outfit for a spring sunny day.

If you match it with leather boots and the right coat, you can wear it at night for dinner and drinks. Be creative!

Tie-dye is in

When summer comes, you’ll need this one with you.


 Although crop tops and leggings are inevitably gym wear, this pink and blue tie-dye lounge set (£35.00) is just the thing for grabbing an iced coffee with your best friends or a great picnic outfit for the summer.

Of course, you can wear it in the gym, if you’re happy being the best looking girl in yoga or fitness class!

You can find these and other items and explore Goddiva’s loungewear collection - treat yourself to a cozy style update!

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