• What to Wear at a Garden Party?

    What to Wear at a Garden Party?

    Whether it's to celebrate a birthday, pre-football drinks with friends, or just to have a knees up, garden parties are the new going out. As soon as we see a bit of sunshine its straight off out to our local’s beer garden for fun, laughter, and drinks with friends, but sometimes as soon as we start getting into the swing of things you hear...
  • What's Trending in Women's Clothing?

    What's Trending in Women's Clothing?

    If you're wondering how to be a fashionable woman then the answer's simple – stay on top of the latest trends and make sure your wardrobe is a reflection of what's in style this season. Women's fashion is constantly evolving so it may seem like a daunting task to be aware of what's trending in women's clothing, but fear not – with our useful...
  • The Best Tie Dye Loungewear Sets

    The Best Tie Dye Loungewear Sets

    Tie dye is something which has never really gone out of fashion, it may have left for a while, but it always returns. With loungewear being our go-to daily outfits, having a tie-dye lounge suit is clearly ranking high. Whether it is jeans, tops, dresses, shorts or skirts, this marble affect design of clothing is something which switches up your casual attire a gear...
  • What Shoes Are Out of Style in 2021?

    What Shoes Are Out of Style in 2021?

    Let's face it - the hottest style in shoes from 2020 was the indoor slipper. Schlepping round the house all day isn't really conductive to haute couture footwear! But the last (hopefully!) lockdown will soon be over and it's time we update our shoe wardrobe with some fabulous new styles and give our feet some love. But if like most of us, you're a...
  • Goddiva's Top Pick Prom Dresses

    Goddiva's Top Pick Prom Dresses

    Every girl has two occasions where the dress just must be right, one is her wedding day and the other is her end of school prom. These two occasions can easily be the most stressful times for girls all around the world. Finding the perfect wedding dress is of course more stressful than the latter, however, when you are in school, thinking of the...
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