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What Makes Handbags so Appealing for Women?

by Goddiva Account 01 Jul 2021

It’s funny how some items are so important in our everyday lives but, because they are always there, we don’t even appreciate how vital they are. Your handbag, for example, could you live without it? Absolutely not. There’s a handful of reasons why women love handbags so much:

Tan Leather Handbag

Light Brown Leather Handbag (£130.00)

They protect your privacy

This might sound a bit odd, but even though we rarely think about it, at some unconscious level we know that we are free to carry whatever object we want without anyone seeing it. We might want to purchase something intimate that we don’t want others to know about. Or else, generally speaking, the idea that people aren’t aware of what objects we choose to carry with us is something we take for granted but is surely comforting and priceless.

Grey Leather Tote Bag

Grey Leather Tote Bag Detachable Strap (£28.00) 

They are useful

This a non-fashion related but great reason why handbags are so appealing to women. When you leave your house for a few hours, whether to work, hang out or run errands, there are several things you need to take. Besides the classic phone, keys and wallet, there are things you might need but couldn’t carry in your pockets. Tissues, a pen or a bottle of water are common examples, although during pandemic times hand sanitiser and a spare facemask are probably at the top of the list.

Silver Clutch bag

Silver Glitter Clutch Bag (£35.00) 

They are stylish

Moving on from the practical side of things, handbags are a very fashionable accessory. They have great potential in enhancing your style and outfit. Many women are somewhat constrained by a dress code at their workplace. Luckily enough, bags can escape these limitations easily. In such situations, not exclusively but particularly, picking a bag is a fashion choice – simple or bold, it’s up to you!

Wine Leather Handbag

Red Wine Leather Handbag Detachable Strap (£28.00) 

They are a good investment

For all the reasons mentioned above, seeing a pretty handbag is very tempting. But they truly are a great investment! Unlike clothing, they are not constantly being washed so they can last many years. Choosing quality over price is the key for this to happen. It will pay off in the long run.

Brown Slouchy Handbag

Brown Leather Handbag (£149.00) 

They are a statement

This goes a little beyond fashion. If bags enhance whatever you are wearing, on the one hand, on the other hand, they can totally transform it. A peculiar combination of colours, an unusual shape or a classic leather handbag that is as simple as it is elegant – each of these introduces and reflects a different personality.

It might be that you are all of them on different days. We are not black and white or even shades of grey; we’re an infinite spectrum of characteristics that is too rich to define. But there is always the right bag for you. Find the one that better agrees with your lifestyle. Explore our collection of handbags and the latest accessories at Goddiva.  

Written by Catarina Joele

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