Five Gifts for a Special Woman

If you’re looking for special gifts for her, bear in mind that a good gift has very little or nothing to do with the price. The perfect gift is the right one, and that can only be given by those who know her well. If it’s her birthday, a celebration or just because (aren’t those the best gifts?) get it right with a little help from us:

Sterling Silver Anklet

Sterling Silver Mini Star Anklet (£19.95)

If she gives a lot of importance to details, then an anklet is one of the best presents you can offer her. Even more so if it’s coming from her better half. She will know that you pay attention to her, from head to toe.

Delicate Silver Anklet

Sterling Silver Mini Disc Anklet (£19.95)

Here’s another option with mini discs instead of small stars. Have a close look at the jewellery that she owns and you will know for sure which of these is the right choice.

Red Leather Cap

Red Leather Cap (£14.00)

Caps are not the most obvious choice for gifts for women, and yet they are accessories like any other. It could be because they aren’t typically associated with women, but that’s exactly what makes them special. The truth is that caps are actually very feminine if you style them in that way. Wearing them back to front, for example, it’s a simple way to reinvent them.

Metal Sunglasses

Burgundy Metal Sunglasses (£35.00)

There’s nothing like going for beach holidays and having a selection of sunglasses to wear. So don’t worry, you can’t go wrong with them when it comes to gift ideas for women. They are stylish accessories that offer an instant positive vibe on a sunny day. Be creative and pick something original – these items are easy to style. Even if she tends to be on the simple side when it comes to her outfits, the sunglasses can be the bold detail on her look, so go for it.

Chunky Gold Necklace

Gold Chunky Loop Necklace (£39.95)

Here’s another great suggestion. A chunky necklace doesn’t need long earrings or other accessories to make a woman look bright and elegant. It’s the little touch you add to a basic top or blouse that even when finished with a bun or ponytail hairstyle makes all the difference. Perhaps because it’s a flashy accessory and such a statement, women particularly enjoy receiving it as a gift from their partners.

White Pineapple print Scarf

Butterfly Print Scarf

White Scarf Pineapple Print (£15.00) | Peach Scarf Butterfly and Dragonfly Print (£15.00)

These scarves are the perfect gift for a tender woman. They are particularly helpful in the autumn season and look beautiful in whatever way you style them. The peach one feels more calm and sweet; the white one is probably a good pick for a more edgy woman. But since we’re so many things in one, spare yourself the struggle of choosing – get both! 

Whether she is your sister, partner or a great friend, spoil a special woman with something that she will love and will make her remember you all the time. Find more gift ideas for her in our collection of accessories at Goddiva.

Written by Catarina Joele


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