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Summer Dress Trends. Goddiva’s Sustainable Fashion Edition for 2024

by Goddiva Account 22 May 2024

You know what’s even hotter than summer itself? Rocking a stylish, sustainable summer wardrobe! As the temperatures rise and the days get longer, there’s no better time to embrace those breezy, beautiful summer dresses. And this year, it's all about midi and maxi dresses crafted from 100% recycled polyester. Trust me, these dresses are not just a win for your closet but also for our planet.

Picture this: the perfect sunny day, you're out and about, and you're feeling fabulous in a dress that flows with every step you take. That’s the magic of midi and maxi dresses. These dresses are the ultimate summer staple – they’re versatile, comfortable, and effortlessly chic. Plus, the fact that they’re made from recycled materials makes them even more special. It's like giving a new life to something old and making it fabulous. Talk about recycling done right!

Let’s dive into why these dresses are an absolute must-have for your summer collection. First off, midi dresses. These are those perfect in-between pieces that hit anywhere from just below the knee to mid-calf. They’re ideal for those days when you want to keep it casual but still look put-together. Imagine a floral midi dress with a cute pair of sandals – perfect for a brunch date or a casual stroll in the park. And if you want to dress it up a bit, just add some statement jewellery and a pair of wedges, and you’re ready for a night out.

Then, there are the maxi dresses. These are the floor-length beauties that scream summer elegance. Whether you’re heading to the beach, a garden party, or even a summer wedding, a maxi dress has got you covered. They’re incredibly flattering and come in so many gorgeous patterns and colours. The best part? You can find so many maxi dresses made from 100% recycled polyester, so you can look good while doing good.

Now, let’s talk about the fabric itself. Recycled polyester is an amazing material. It's made from things like plastic bottles, which are cleaned, melted down, and spun into fibres to create new fabrics. This process not only reduces waste but also requires less energy than producing new polyester. So, every time you slip into one of these dresses, you’re making a positive impact on the environment. Plus, recycled polyester is super durable, lightweight, and breathable – everything you need for those hot summer days.

One of my favourite things about these dresses is how they blend sustainability with style. Brands are getting so creative with their designs, offering everything from bold prints and bright colours to more subdued, classic styles. Whether you're into tropical patterns, bohemian vibes, or minimalist looks, there's a recycled polyester dress out there for you.

And let’s not forget about the comfort factor. These dresses are designed to keep you cool and comfortable, even when the sun is blazing. The fabric drapes beautifully and feels soft against your skin, making it perfect for those long summer days when you’re out and about from morning till night.

So, as you’re refreshing your summer wardrobe, consider adding a few midis and maxi dresses made from recycled polyester. They’re stylish, versatile, and kind to our planet – a total win-win! You’ll not only look amazing but also feel great knowing that your fashion choices are making a difference. This summer, let’s make sustainability the hottest trend of all. Happy shopping!


Written By: Lauren Khan

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