• Last Call: Bleue’s Cutest Beach Outfits

    Last Call: Bleue’s Cutest Beach Outfits

    Autumn is almost here but before it arrives you have a few last chances to enjoy a day off near the beach. Otherwise, if you’re inspired by the pretty outfits you’ve seen during the last couple of months, this is a good time to get one for next year ahead of everyone else. Bleue has everything you could wish for. Here are their top five...
  • How to Style Floral Dresses

    How to Style Floral Dresses

    The warm and sunny season is dress season and we’re so happy with that. There is nothing like fresh floral dresses to colour your summer. Are they too casual? Not necessarily. A floral dress can be anything you want it to be, depending on how you style it. Here are a few tips on how to style floral print dresses: Multicolour Floral Midi Dress (£23.00) This...
  • Which Maxi Dresses Are Right For You?

    Which Maxi Dresses Are Right For You?

    The clothes we wear reveal more about ourselves than what we think we are letting on. They send subliminal messages that those around us will interpret, even if at a subconscious level. What’s even more curious is that the clothes we choose not only influence how others see us but also how we feel about ourselves. As you buy maxi dresses this summer, make sure...
  • Best Summer Dresses for Your Body Shape

    Best Summer Dresses for Your Body Shape

    Understanding that women have different body shapes and how much that influences how clothes will look on you is one of the first steps about dressing well. The next step is to know which body shape you have and what type of items will suit you better. If you want to find out which shape better illustrates your body, you only need to measure...
  • How to Style Maxi Dresses?

    How to Style Maxi Dresses?

    Maxi dresses are one of women’s favourite clothing items. It’s hard to totally unveil the reasons behind this fascination, but these dresses are classic and feminine, which plays a great part. Floor-length dresses are very common in the summer. Not only are they comfortable and fresh whilst protecting your skin from the sunlight, but they seem to carry the spirit of sunny days. Every...
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