All the massive sales for fashion Bring on 2010 :)


Did the day we all had to get up at the crack of dawn and go to work have to be this cold??? Mother Nature certainly has a sick sense of humour!

So another year has begun, are all your New Years Resolutions still holding?? Personally I have not made any this year because I always break them... I think I just crack under all that pressure! Well to those of you who have made them, be strong and stick to them!! Although, I physically cannot eat anymore chocolate... I think I completey over indugled in that area... I won't be touching the stuff for a good month or so...

So I have had a blast the last 2 weeks with all the massive sales going on! Some things are an absolute steal!! All the music and books I have had my eye on are now at one with me! I am a VERY happy shopper! A great sale to look at is obviously our Winter sale at 50 % off - 3 pages of awsomeness at half price!! Shop NOW!

Goddiva Winter Sale - Now On!


I also managed to squeeze in a viewing of Avatar in 3D in between all my sale shopping (online of course)! If you have not seen it yet... Please book tickets now or go when you can - truly a great movie experience which I plan to see again very soon. Great graphics and a story line which makes you see how evil the human race is... thought provoking if you haven't realised we destroy everything in our paths for material gain. See it!

I also got myself to Winter Wonderland this year, great markets and atmosphere but very over priced cups of mulled wine! Still had a great time though and managed to check out a Design Exhibition at the Serpentine too. 

Winter Wonderland 2009

Winter Wonderland Sweet Stall 

 My 2010 has had a great start and I am looking foward to the rest of it!

I hope 2010 brings you all the very best!

Until next time!



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