X Factor is over! and lets plan for the party season

Hi all! 

Joe Wins

 Joe Wins the X Factor 2009

So I was sooo expecting Joe to win! He really does have a good (Disney/broadway) voice and great boy looks, but Olly really has an amazing singing voice which has that lovely touch of soul and R'n B to it. He would never have won with the X Factor, but I have a feeling he is going to make it bigger than Joe... just like Will Young did with Gareth Gates in Pop Idol...

Olly Murs: The Beginning

My fave Olly song was Stevie Wonder's "Superstition" - it suited his voice perfectly and his dance moves just flowed so easily! Have a watch and listen:

Ah well, with the X Factor over I can finally get on with my life! And what a great social calendar I have planned for the lovely festive season!! Lots of parties and people to see, lets just hope the money lasts until the end of the month :( My week off from work I was hoping to have a lovely chilled out few days but there is no rest for the wicked!! From taking my kitten to the vet to be neutered and babysitting a mates kitten for 3 days and cooking Christmas lunch - it's going to be a very busy week! Bring it!! :D So with New Years just round the corner the thought of what I am going to wear has been raising it's anxious head... hmmm it is definitely a night for sequins and colour and some killer eye makeup! I must start practising the winged eyeliner look so it looks perfect for NYE!! Found a great video on Youtube eyeliner tutorial by Michelle Phan... take a look:
The best tutorial out on Youtube - relaxing and easy to follow! What a great soundtrack too!
Anywho hope you are all looking forward to a little break and some festive fun!
Take care


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