Which Maxi Dresses Are Right For You?

The clothes we wear reveal more about ourselves than what we think we are letting on. They send subliminal messages that those around us will interpret, even if at a subconscious level. What’s even more curious is that the clothes we choose not only influence how others see us but also how we feel about ourselves. As you buy maxi dresses this summer, make sure you purchase the ones that are just right for you:

Blush Floral Print Maxi Dress

Blush Floral Print Maxi Dress (£57.00)

If you’re calm and romantic, floral prints and tones of rose, blush and peach are a good pick for you. This floral maxi dress with long sleeves is an elegant gown for birthday parties or special events, with a flirtatious leg split and open back.

Berry Puff Sleeve Maxi Dress

Berry Puffy Sleeve Maxi Dress (£65.00)

Some of us who are more comfortable in silence are often taken as introverts when it’s not always the case. Women who are more about actions than words enjoy being heard (and seen). Red and berry evening maxi dresses are great choices for them. The balloon style puffy sleeves and plunging v-neckline make quite an impact, especially combined with the delicate chiffon.

Black Vintage Inspired Maxi Dress

Black Vintage Plus Size Maxi Dress

Black Vintage Inspired Maxi Dress (£95.00)

A black maxi dress is associated with stylish and elegant women and it emanates power. This is also a very flattering colour and works very well in plus size maxi dresses. This hand-embellished gown with sweet angel sleeves with a vintage 1920s inspiration is a great pick for a dinner date – a unique dress!

White Broderie Anglaise Maxi Dress

White Broderie Maxi Dress (£160.00)

If you’re an optimistic and grateful woman, who loves nature and appreciates the simple things in life, a white maxi dress agrees with you. The white colour reflects the light, so this gown will shine as bright as your soul. This is one of those long sleeve dresses that can (and should) be used on really hot days. Bold and oversized accessories aren’t the best match for this dress, but the right ones can be a peaceful way of representing your personality.

Blue Grecian Maxi Dress

Duckegg Double Split Maxi Dress (£99.00)

For adventurous and mysterious women, this floor-length gown is quite an interesting choice. From the double front split and keyhole detail in the bust to the open back, colour and embellishment details, this piece is totally inspired by an Ancient Greek vibe. If you’re looking for summer maxi dresses, this one really is of a kind and so is the woman who puts it on.

Lime Halter Neck Maxi Dress

Lime Halter Neck Maxi Dress (£39.00)

This is the right dress for bold and ambitious women who like to call the shots; those who are used to be the centre of attention and are comfortable in their own skin. This sexy maxi-length dress with a leg split and a pleated detail on the waist will not go unnoticed!

Each of us has as many distinctive traits as there are stars in the sky and for each of us, there’s the perfect maxi dress. Find yours in our delightful collection of summer dresses at Goddiva.

Written by Catarina Joele


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