Bags That Make a Difference

After such a long period of lockdown and social restrictions, we were all looking forward to the moment where we could meet people. Now it’s time to show your look to the world and there’s nothing like a handbag to give that final touch! Scroll down for a list of women's bags that can make a difference in your outfit:

Blue Leather Tote Bag

Squared tote bags are good for confident and unpredictable women – they leave for work in the morning but who knows if they will feel like drinks with friends, shopping, pop by the swimming pool or inviting their other half on the date in the afternoon!

If this sounds familiar, our Blue Tote Bag (£70.00) is the right one for you. It’s a versatile bag; it has enough space for everything you might need and is easy to style with many different clothing items.

Oversized Grey Tote Bag

Oversized tote bags for women are trending this season. If you like to carry your water bottle, coffee tumble, book and headphones every day, then this Grey Leather Tote Shoulder Bag (£60.00) is a good pick.

Oversized Tote Bag in Black

This one-shoulder tote bag, available in grey and black – the Black Leather Tote Shoulder Bag (£60.00) – is one of our favourite leather handbags. One of its greatest features, besides the unusual design, is the attached purse – you’ll never lose your wallet again in the middle of your belongings!

Orange Shoulder Bag

Shoulder bags are a very popular type of ladies purse, useful for women who can’t stop multitasking and need to have their hands free and be ready for everything.

This Orange Shoulder Bag (£17.50) with twin straps is a great investment for this summer. Try styling midi summer dresses and maxi floral dresses with this one.

Tan Leather Bucket Bag

Stylish women are the biggest fans of bucket handbags. This Tan Leather Bucket Bag (£65.00) is the perfect partner in crime for a real fashionista. It’s a backpack purse with a twist, thanks to its adjustable shoulder straps. The main strap tightens the bag at the top, so make sure you don’t fill it up too much. If you carry 1001 objects in your purse this is not the bag for you – just bring the essentials while wearing this one.

Rose Sequin Bucket Bag

Our Rose Sequins Bucket Bag (£29.00) is a lovely accessory. If you’re looking for a handbag to match your roaring twenties inspired party outfit, this is what you need.

The more pragmatic people love backpacks. They are not the most elegant women's bags but if that’s the best choice for your needs and lifestyle – go for it – but get the right one.

Black Rose Backpack

Leather Backpack for Women

Our Woodland Leather Compact Rucksack (£100.00) is a good bag to take to the office or with very casual everyday looks. The rose handle, adjustable straps and stripe at the bottom add a touch of delicacy and femininity.

Leather Backpack for Women

This Woodland Leather Versatile Rucksack (£80.00) has a similar effect with the orange adjustable straps, handle and the main outside pocket. This colour pallet is quite bold and would be a good match for blazers and suits.

Enjoy the summer vibes and let your personality glow like the sunshine through the bags and accessories at Goddiva.

Written by Catarina Joele


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