We Love Katy Perry and her taste for fashion is stunning

Katy Perry has been in the news all month! She is dating Russell Brand and they seem very much in love!


Russell and Katy

Katy & Russell

 She was at the European MTV Awards with a MASSIVE 13 dress changes... and wow! They were all amazing! She is certainly a little quirky but has great taste in style and is someone who is just sooo likeable and who seems comfortable in her own skin and a little bit mad!!

Katy on stage

With catchy tunes and a great sense of style, Katy Perry is hot hot hot!!


Katy's heart sunnies are brilliant!

All things sparkly and fruity

Love her style?

For Katy's curled raven hair take a look at - they have tips on how to create her perfect shine and glam curls.

Katy loves the classic look

Katy's makeup is the classic 1950's style which consists of winged eyeliner, cherry lips and rosey cheeks. Applying winged liner has never really been easy, and takes lots of practice... read Kirei's blog for a step by step guide on how to apply it. Always flip the ends up, so that your eye doesn't look droopy.

Katy in Candystripe

 Katy's 'peaches & cream' complexion is achieved with a rose coloured blush on her fair skin. Remember to always apply your blush from your nostril (where it meets your cheek) to your temple in an upward brush, applying it in little bits at a time. You want a pinched cheek glow, not red gym cheeks

Katy promoting 'Waking Up In Vegas' single

Katy's style is colourfully cheeky and vintage inspired by the 50's and 60's. Hotpants, beaded bra's, bodice's, tulip shaped skirts and anything brandished in cherry's, lips, hearts, bows, candystripe, lollipops and glitter! So really, to get her look you can wear any of the above... remember to add a wide belt to your waist and to wear plenty of red, cherries and sexy heels.

Katy @ V Festival 2009


Katy loves her Lips bag!

Katy's Willy Wonka themed Birthday Party

Katy in a tulip shape dress

Katy Perry style dress at Goddiva - only £18!!

One thing is for sure. Katy is a real performer and you can see she clearly enjoys what she does. She is a great inspiration on style and seems to be untouched by her celebrity status which is a breath of fresh air!

She had amazing reviews at all the Summer festivals she played this year and I hope she will be doing them next year as I would really love to see Her Quirkyness and the amazing stage sets - girly fun taken to the extreme!

So hope you all having a fab week !

Until next time!


This is my fave single from Katy's album (One of The Boys) called Hot 'n Cold - it is an absolute CLASSIC!!! Enjoy


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