One Shoulder Stunners

So has everyone else noticed how lovely one shoulder dresses look and how everyone is wearing them at the moment??

I absolutely love them! Asymmetrical is very hot right now for it's edgy look, but teamed with a lovely lengthy dress with a fabulous print - it creates wonderful elegance which no other neckline does better!

One Shoulder - Michael Kors

Valentino One Shoulder Dresses

One shoulder dress styles are really versatile and they suit all body shapes! They can be soft, flowy and romantic or hard and edgy - something for everyone!

Short sleeve, long sleeve, bat sleeve, mini, maxi, knee-length, prints, plain - anything goes - the look is hot and glam and very very feminine.

America Ferrera

Sandra Bullock - Soft and Romantic

Maggie Gyllenhaal - One shoulder print, structured

Megan Fox

Amanda Seyfried

 One shoulders suit any occasion, weddings, clubbing, casual in a jumper or t-shirt - whatever you wear, it will create length, grace and beauty. To be honest, any oversized jumper or t-shirt will do for a one shoulder look, as seen on Kylie, Heidi and Vanessa below.

Kylie Minogue Casual

Vanessa Hudgens

To achieve the perfect look in your one shoulder dress, don't wear a necklace. Instead indulge in gorgeous dangly earrings if you wear your hair up (recommended for ultimate elegance) and a chunky bracelet or bangle to creat balance. For some more How To Wear A One Shoulder Dress style tips - see The Insider for some grate ideas.

I don't own any item of clothing with this neckline yet... time to go shopping! (Hmmm well maybe next month!!)



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