VMA's: Highs and lows...

Good morning Subscribers! I do apologise for the break in transmission... I have just got back from a lovely beach holiday in Gower, South Wales with my girlfriends and feel all the better for it! We really did have the perfect weather - it didn't rain once!

Viva Holidays!!

Tranquil Sunset

Sundowners on the beach

Even though I was frolicking in the sun and surf – I still managed to watch the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday and what a show it was...

I am sure you have all by now seen or heard about what an idiot the usually cool and composed Kanye West made of himself at the ceremony - getting up on stage grabbing the mic from Taylor Swift to tell her that she is cool but that Beyonce’s video for Single Ladies ‘is the best video of all time...’

Now personally I am not a fan of Taylor Swift or country music (and Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ video really is amazing!!) but why embarrass the poor girl and yourself like that??? What did you lot think?? Leave me your comments please :) Take a look at what others are saying on their blogs...

Just in case you all missed Beyonce’s spoof of her ‘Single Ladies’ video with Justin Timberlake and Paul Rudd, here is a reminder of how funny she is and how difficult those dance moves really are!!

Did you all get a look at what the ladies wore to the awards?? I noticed there seemed to be a wonderful common denominator of all things silver with sexy sequins!

Kristin Cavallari from The Hills

Beyonce Performing 'Single Ladies'

Taylor Swift wearing Kaufman Franco

 For any of you planning on making a statement at a party, event or club take a look at Goddiva’s wonderful range of silvery, sparkly dresses for the upcoming party season – they offer amazing dresses inspired by the celebs and catwalks at much friendlier prices! Being a massive Twilight fan - I also enjoyed the sneak preview for the upcoming release of New Moon - I got goosebumps and I cannot wait to see it! Have a looksie...

Katie Perry wearing a silver mini The Blonds dress

.And speaking of Twilight... didn't poor Kirsten Stewart look utterly and completely uncomfortable at this year's VMA's? She was on stage with Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner and the poor gal looked like she wanted to run for the hills... although who can blame her for all the rumours surrounding her and Robert Pattinson - are they together or are they not?? Hmmm I wonder - some of these pics do give a little away though...
Taylor, Kirsten and Robert... I wish!!!
Robert Pattinson, Kirsten Stewart and Taylor Lautner
Hmm... I think after all that I have to get my Stephenie Meyer books out and start the saga over from scratch... just to keep me going until the release of New Moon. Honestly a superb read, Stephenie Meyer certainly has a knack for writing books which cannot be put down. If you haven't already - do yourselves a favour and get copies of the Twilight Saga - a great investment that you will read over and over again.
Well that is it from me for now... Jx


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