3 Trends for NOW on dresses, shoes and bags

This week brings the start of a new month, and with the start of October, fashion trends are full of spice and variety this month!

3 Major trends at the moment are the silver cyber look, Animal print and Neo-Tribal prints reminiscent of the late 80’s.

The great thing is there is a trend for every one of us and of course depending on what particular mood we are in!!!

So the cyber look is all about silver and grey and looking into the future! From Shoes, to trousers, scarves, makeup and nails- indulge!  

Cyber Jumpsuite on the Catwalk
Silver Handbag
Silver Converse!!
Sparkling Strapless Mini Dress from
Get some style ideas from Polyvore:


Animal Print is about letting yourself go wild with colours and prints and incorporating it with anything you wear! Don’t just stick to the natural colours either – go bold with pinks and oranges for an edgier look.

Animal Print on the Catwalk

Milla Jovovich in Animal Print

Animal Print Trim Boots

Animal Print Leggings

Get style tips at


And lastly the Neo-Tribal Prints!
Now this look is my favourite simply because the colours are bold, the prints are bold and you can wear them how you want! In a dress, a t-shirt, trainers anything your heart desires! It’s more of a neo-80's look... talk about reviving the 80’s! 



Printed Leggings
Bold Prints - the way to go!

Daisy Lowe

Puma Trainer

Check out for some style tips:

With so many versatile styles to choose from, we can all benefit from these daring yet very very cool trends! Whatever day of the week it is, whatever mood you are in!

Have fun with them!

Til next time



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