Union Jacks vs Stars and Stripes

Union Jacks vs Stars and Stripes!

Well in case you hadn’t noticed theres a bit of a wedding happening tomorrow. Yes its true we appear to have gone royally crazy with the first person to pitch themselves outside Buckingham Palace back on Tuesday afternoon!! So its little wonder that fashion appears to have gone a bit patriotic of late. It all started over the pond with some of our favourite celebs rocking the American Stars and Stripes flag.  

(L-R) Rihanna, Katy Perry, Kate Bosworth and Ke$ha

The trend then continued UK style with an explosion of union jacks seen on both celebs and in the Ashish Fall 2011 collection.


(L-R) Madonna's daughter Lourdes, Anna Paquin, Emma Watson, Ashish Fall Collection 2011

So aside from waiting in eager anticipation for the grand reveal of Kate’s top secret wedding dress why not embrace the patriotic trend and enjoy that extra day off by toasting a glass of bubbly to Kate and Wills.

Wishing you all a lovely long weekend whatever you are doing (don’t know about you but I could get used to these 4 day weekends!?) until next week when I'll be back with more trends and top celeb fashion spots.



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