The Week in Music, Fashion and Sport, Oooh!!

So is everybody else gone football mad since the beginning of the World Cup??

I've never liked the game but since the start of the World Cup, I have become quite a fan... vuvuzela's and all! I think it's because the Cup is being held in my home country and it warms my heart to see a proud and welcoming South Africa on telly! I really wish I was there to experience the warmth of the South African people and the atmosphere I hear, is just electric! I hope whoever is out there from the UK is having a blast of a time ;) (no pun intended!!). I am jealous!!

Loud enough for ya??

English fans at the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town (home!!)

Speaking of sport, Wimbledon has also started this week and they are gearing up for a burning 25 degrees on Wednesday and Thursday! Its going to be a hot 2 days! I didn't manage to get tickets this year, but not many of us can afford them :) I'll make sure I have some strawberries and cream out in the garden this week! If anyone is going... take some pics and send them to us... Wimbledon Fashion and Celeb spotter!!

This weekend Toronto hosted the MuchMusic Video Awards and the stars were out in full force! Our fave of the moment, Katy Perry was there without Russel Brand - she looked amazing in a cookie blue dress tied at the side with bows (for a similar look, check out our cutout dress in turquoise!!) and she arrived in an icecream van!! :) Twilight's Ashley Greene also made an appearance. JLS were there too!! Winners included names I am not at all familiar with!!?? Am I getting old? Or is it just the fact that it only takes a rising star 1 single and a music video to make you a winner these days??


Katy arrives in an Ice Cream van

Katy Perry and her Blue Bow Dress

Twilight's Ashley Greene

This week also sees the start of the mighty Glastonbury Festival!! And it's the 40th anniversary. I have never been and would like to go - but I hear the place is so big that it takes you an hour to get from your tent to the arena... and in sloshy mud, could be quite painful... but I do hear there's nothing like it! If my friends remember to register next year (ahem!!) then hopefully I get to experience Glasto

At the moment we are running a BUY ONE GET FREE promotion which ends this Thursday!! There are some lovely items available - check it out - everyone needs a helping hand towards the end of the month when money is tight

Again we have an amazing influx of New items this week!! We absolutely love the Denim Belted Maxi here in the office. It has a kaleidiscope butterfly print on it and its so pretty and girly... we love it!

Trend alerts this week: printed maxi's (again!!), statement earrings, satchel bags, strappy flats and colourful sunglasses!!

Denim Belted Maxi

Jessica Biel in hot pink shades

My iPhone tells me that this week is going to be a scorcher...I am looking forward to warm evenings in the garden with friends... has Summer finally arrived?!

Here is to a speedy week!

Until next time


My look of the week is Lauren Conrad in navy jumpsuit and tan wedges - gorgeous!!


Lauren Conrad = Style Icon!!

Track of the week is: Love You Better by The Maccabbees  Enjoy


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