The Hottest Trend Is Here: Dress Up This Festive Season With Sultry Sequin Party Dresses

Sultry sequin dresses are this season’s hottest arrivals, and that too just in time for the influx of festive holidays! You've got a busy schedule girlies, from Halloween to Christmas, New Year and all those days in between, you've got to make sure you have all your dresses pre-planned and jotted down! Step up and give your festive wardrobe a makeover with our statement sequin dresses! We all know sequins are a celebrity's staple in their fashion diet, so it's high time you work up a similar, fruitful appetite! With our endless collection of party dresses with all that sparkle, impeccable, shimmering details, and twinkling glitter - live out those stunning Instagram Sparkle filters with our starry, show-stopping sultry sequin dresses. From day to play, we've cherry-picked a few of our favourite festive pieces for Halloween, Christmas, New Year's Eve and a few extra party alternatives thrown in. And what's more, these timeless, statement choices aren't just fo r certain festivities; you'll find yourself slipping into them throughout the year *cue time after time* We've got you covered lovelies, so kick back, grab a cup of tea and scroll through the ultimate guide on picking the perfect sultry sequin dress for all upcoming festive occasions - dressing up with Goddiva just keeps getting better, and golly, do we have some pretty spectacular ideas for you...  

The Mermaid Goddess

Halloween is right around the corner, and let's face it, we all love to get a little extra sexy for it! While the last three months of the year are ripe in occasions to make a grand entrance - what’s better than (pretend) walking out from the ocean channelling your inner Ariel? This mermaid-esque asymmetrical gown with a stellar, starry touch is top-tier avant-garde! You'll be glistening all night, and please can we talk about that thigh split! G O R G E O U S!
Another go-to dress for the ultimate pearly, ocean vibe is this shimmering delight; the plunging v neck and flickering stripes meld to create the most exquisite, statement choice.


Goddiva Stripe Sequin Maxi Dress With Split in silver, £79  

Want a pop of colour? This dazzling, mermaid-goddess amalgamate is the floor-length, mermaid hem skirt dress. The midnight navy gleams (look at that corset bodice wrapped around, I mean it really doesn't get more magnificent than that) with thoughtful, detailed sequins that will make this the head-turner at any party. 


Disco Diva

It's already gotten your attention, hasn’t it? This Halloween, it's time to be the centre of the dancefloor, literally! We have the most groovy, shimmering disco-ball-options that'll get everyone around you infected with night fever! A little disco never hurt anyone, so roll and twirl the night away as a disco ball and radiate mesmerising sexiness all night. First up, a holographic delight; this off the shoulder sequin high low maxi dress wraps around your curves, accentuating every part in the most passionate way.
A midi dress is up next, in sparkling champagne sequins, with a teasing, thin back strap and one-shoulder look is all you need to hit the dancefloor - this dress simply unfurls such playfulness!

The Aphrodite Bride

Grecian bride anyone? Sequins and chiffon are the new tea with biscuits; feel empowered, feel in control and ravage your upcoming festive occasion in this flirty, embellished curvy maxi dress. The flirty drip of gold sequins into the chiffon flare really has us drooling.



Goddiva Plus Sequin & Chiffon Maxi Dress in champagne, £85  


There's nothing quite like a white dress. With subtle shines, this regal, off the shoulder evening dress exudes a Grecian aesthetic and is the classy choice if you're looking for a softer party dress.



Goddiva Off The Shoulder Long Sleeve Sequin Maxi Dress in white, £40  

Santa's Little Helper

We have a number of Christmas party dresses, but here are a few favourites! Get to work as Santa's little helper with a dazzling, festive red floor-length gown. Figure-hugging, maxi dresses dripping in wine-red are the perfect choice while you cosy up to loved ones this Christmas. This whimsical, open back dress is the tempting choice for the classic take on Christmas.
If you're feeling a little more daring and impulsive this time of year, then look no further than this bright red, one shoulder maxi dress. The mermaid hem and stunning hanging sequin detailing is a modern spin for the classic holiday dress-up.

Under The Mistletoe

Christmas oozes in green too - think trees and mistletoes! An alluring Emerald skater dress is the way about it girlies The glittery sweetheart neckline and breathtaking sequins leave you feeling naughty (and a little nice)! Oh, and that devilish skater flare is L U S H!
This is another fantastic, kittenish party dress this season; make them stare and slip into this seductive emerald maxi dress, figure-hugging and literally dripping off your body in all the right places.

Galactica Queen


You are the galaxy. This Halloween (or New Year's Eve), opt for this iridescent evening dress that ooze sultry and sexy! This mischievous dress with a playful waist cross back is the perfect pick for a more impulsive and amorous touch this festive season. 

Candy Cane Princess


No one wants a boring Christsmas. Be the sugary treat this year as a candy cane! We all know a Christmas is not a Christmas without an abundance of those little dollops of heaven. We have for you for blush, champagnes and candy pink tones if you're feeling extra indulgent this holiday season. This sparkly must-have sequin occasion maxi dress, for example is unequalled. 
Want a bit more edge? If you're not feeling a dress, Goddiva excels in a brilliant collection of jumpsuits. This sequin champagne one, in particular, is the one to ignite fires this Christsmas (and keep everyone warm ;) ). It's vintage, it's eccentric and it's the ultimate top-tier addition to your wardrobe.
You are the galaxy. This Halloween (or New Year's Eve), opt for this
And there you have it! The definitive guide to the hottest trend of the new season; sultry sequins! These stunning party dresses, gowns and jumpsuits will spend the entire year with you, not just this festive season. So spice up your closet now with Goddiva - and you know what they say; Once you go Goddiva, you never go back!
Browse our full collection (oh, and there's an ongoing 70% off sale across our site too).


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