• Leather Handbags You Shouldn’t Miss

    Leather Handbags You Shouldn’t Miss

    Ah, handbags. There’s nothing quite like them. They are one of women’s favourite fashion items (after shoes, of course). If you want to buy women's bags, better do it well and invest in good quality items that will serve you for more than just a couple of years. Here’s a list of seven irresistible – no, not the seven deadly sins – only the best...
  • Bags That Make a Difference

    Bags That Make a Difference

    After such a long period of lockdown and social restrictions, we were all looking forward to the moment where we could meet people. Now it’s time to show your look to the world and there’s nothing like a handbag to give that final touch! Scroll down for a list of women's bags that can make a difference in your outfit: Squared tote bags are...
  • What Colour Purses are in for Summer 2021?

    What Colour Purses are in for Summer 2021?

    Mixing and matching bags and accessories is fun. Please stop buying all your handbags in black just because you can wear them with anything. Most of us end up having at least half a dozen bags, so why not choose six different colours so you can match them with whatever we choose to put on that day? As summer approaches, get ready for it...


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