Shoes to Wear with Midi Dresses

When we put on a midi dress, the most common question we ask ourselves is what shoes will look best with it. Boots or sandals? Both. The good news is that many different types of shoes go well with midi sized skirts and dresses, it’s all about how high they are.

Here are six types of shoes to wear with midi dresses, according to your style:


Glitter Sandal

Sandals and midi dresses are a great match. Since most of your legs are already covered, seeing a bit more of your skin is always good. Strappy sandals are a great choice, as well as these Silver Glitter Sandals (£59.00).

High heel shoes

Is there anything that doesn’t get better with high heels? No, there isn’t. From miniskirts to skinny jeans, all clothing wins points with high heeled shoes and midi dresses are not an exception. This type of shoe elevates any outfit and either pointy or round ended, leather or glitter, will agree with your midi dress, as long as the colours match.

High Heel Silver Glitter Shoes

For weddings, parties and special occasions, our Silver High Heel Glitter Shoes (£59.00) are a great investment.

Flat shoes

If you’re a fan of comfortable shoes, you will be happy to see that flat shoes actually look good with midi length dresses, especially colourful and floral summer dresses.

Silver Glitter Espadrilles

Our Silver Glitter Espadrille Flat Shoes (£18.00) are a particularly good match for yellow and cyan dresses, but they will match very well other less formal wrap summer dresses.


Just like high heel shoes, platforms add a sense of dynamism to your image; they are also very flattering and make your legs appear slimmer. If we would weigh fashion on one side and comfort on the other, platforms would probably be a better choice than high heeled shoes or flat sandals.

Gold Glitter Platforms

Also, they really do look marvellous on a midi dress! Have you seen our beautiful Rose Glitter Platform Sandals (£30.00)?

Ankle boots

This is a great suggestion for the Autumn/Winter period. Mixing boots with midi dresses is not always a great idea. As both dress and boots finish below the knee, it often feels quite packed.

Sparkle Heel Ankle Boots

However, boots ending just above the ankle, such as our Black Ankle Boots (£50.00) look very good with midi dresses, especially on cold or cloudy days. The glitter heel detail is a very nice touch. These are available in black, navy blue and grey.


Trainers with Midi Dress
© Brandon Hoogenboom

Last, but definitely not least: trainers. These are not a great option for formal or special events but they do look fabulous with midi dresses! For casual everyday looks, if you like comfortable but closed footwear, you can put on a pair of trainers while wearing a midi dress because these two do in fact agree very well. It will offer you a younger, relaxed and confident look.

Styling midi dresses may be a bit of a challenge. However, these are comfortable and versatile clothing items that all women should have. You can wear both on warmer and cooler days, and there is nothing like a dress to uplift our spirit!

Besides, tips on what shoes to wear are always welcome. Explore what’s new in shoes at Goddiva.

Written by Catarina Joele


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