Goodbye Summer and a warm welcome to Winter!!

I have officially welcomed Winter into my life... I am done with Summer for the year! Bring on the cosy nights-in filled with mates and dvd's, dinner parties and long, lazy lie-in's without feeling guilty about wasting a perfectly goregeous Summer day... yay!! And Christmas is just around the corner!!

Will we be blessed with crazy snow this Winter??

Most of the high street sales are over (although you can still bag a bargain with our Super Sale now on... dresses from £5!!) which means they are getting ready to blast us with a whole new range for Autumn and Winter... I personally can't wait for payday! There is so much I want to buy for my Winter wardrobe!

Key items to look out for are blazers, tailored trousers and shorts, skinny belts with an eye catching print or in a bright colour to break the colour tone of the Autumn look which is camel, beige, navy and neutrals. Also don't forget your accessories for Winter - we are looking at bold and chunky pieces of jewellery in jewel colours (emeralds, amethyst, ruby etc..;) and try opting for a trilby this Winter instead of the chunky knit beanie? Obviously go for more muted tones and materials instead of the white, straw summery versions :) Ooooh yes! We are so ready for Winter!! Keep your eyes peeled for our Autum range which will be hitting the website within the next month!

The Trend: Camel

We looove navy this season!! ala Betty Jackson!

Skinny belts to add colour and vibe to the neautrals

Katy Perry in a felt trilby Autumn Style 

My look of the week goes to the lovely America Ferrera, wearing a gorgeous cut, mint Malandrino dress. We love that she has teamed the dress with red lips, nails and shoes: the perfect colour to compliment the muted mint colour. We noticed that Beyone wore this dress last year with nude heels, nails and lips (bland much??), but personally I think America pulled this one off with the red accents. A classic look! 

We think America wins this look hands down!

So that's it for this week!


p.s. My track of the week goes to the wonderful Maccabees' Love You Better... enjoy!


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