A new haircut, 15 surfboards and a Sneak Peek!

I just HAVE to mention my look of the week 1st:

Anyone seen Emma Watson's new hair?? She looks incredible! It suits her down to a T and she said she's wanted to do it for ages and its the best thing she's ever done. Well, now that the Harry Potter filming is over, she really does get to start a new chapter in her life and what a way to start! We love your new hair Miss Watson!!

Look Of The Week: Emma Watson's new hair - we love it!

Sunday night LA hosted the Teen Choice Awards 2010 and The Twilight Saga's New Moon and Eclipse walked away with a whopping 15 Surfboard Awards!! Oh yes, the voters (85.5 million of them!) sure know a good movie and cast when they see one ;) haha! Well done to our fave Vampires and Wolves 

The lovely Katy Perry hosted the awards ceremony and did a fine job as always! She themed her performance on the trials and tribulations of High School, with several dress changes including the prom queen, the geek, the goth and the hippy... it's always a treat when Katy is involved!


Host at the Teen Choice Awards, Katy Perry

Katy le geek with Robert Pattinson

Lol!! Katy le goth


Back at Goddiva Towers, we have a brand new Sneak Peek from Victoria...A really lovely party dress style which is one shouldered and trimmed with shimmery silver. The little black dress, pimped! This dress is coming soon... Keep your eyes peeled over the next 2 weeks

Victoria's Sneak Peek: The little Black Dress - pimped!

So that brings me to the end of my little post!

Until next time!


p.s. Track of the week is hot new NY band, The Golden Filter.... enjoy their track called Thunderbird xx


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