Espadrilles, Have another Sneak peek! That's what it's all about!

Firstly I would like to let you all know that although I am almost 30... the best news of the week for me was that Robbie Williams has rejoined Take That - for good! They were MY boyband when I was a tween and Robbie was my favourite!! Yay for Take That! I mean they have been great as a foursome but now to me, they are complete - aaah 

Take That not too long ago ūüôā ...

Take That back in the day with Robbie

I must say, they have definitely all got better looking with age ;) I also read today that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise will be opening up their lives and home to a reality tv show! Now that should be some interesting telly... although what exactly are they trying to prove? Shelve all the rumours that their marriage is a contract? That Tom Cruise is Gay?? Well it will be interesting to see what the lovely Katie finds so attractive about creepy Tom Cruise... "love" is in the eye of the beholder I suppose

New reality tv with the Cruises... poor Suri!

The weather has been fantastic for a while now and all this weeks' trends prove that! Everybody is wearing espadrilles (lovely summery straw-looking wedged shoes and sandals), florals and paisley (see our Paisley Border Print Maxi Dress and our Paisley Chiffon Maxi Dress) - the very height of Summer wear :) Wear you espadrilles with retro shades, a head or neck scarf and a straw hat for a purely European style and look! Red satchels are also pretty cool to be seen with at the moment - a great colour and if you can get one with the long strap - it's perfect to take along to a festival!

Alexa Chung in espadrilles

Katherine Heigle with her trendy red handbag - goes with everything!

Diane Kruger in a cute straw hat

So speaking of festivals, I am off to The Secret Garden Party this Thursday - a festival which has been called a baby Glastonbury with as much arts and crafts on offer as the music is! Am looking forward to getting out of London and being out in the open with the other Gardeners :) Truly one of the best festivals I have been to - for it's beauty, creativity and open-mindedness :) I promise to post some pics next week when I am back!

This week we bring you yet another Sneak Peek from Victoria...

Gorgeous little black, sparkly number! Coming soon!

This is a true party dress and one which will catch everyone's eye!! It will be available soon and you will all be notified of this by newsletter

That's it for me this week! Have a good one


p.s. track of the week is Happy House by the amazing The Juan MacLean, enjoy!


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