Dannii Minogue X Factor

Hi all!

Well I don't know about you lot, but I am hooked on X Factor this year

All the contestants are really really good (I am not sure how the Twins made it through, but I can see Louis' way of thinking... the young girls will go mad for them! And maybe with lots of voice coaching may get better!), it's hard choosing a favourite!

My favourite's are Ricky, Lucy, Rachel and Olly... The obvious favourite is Danyl Johnson... I like him but am rooting for the dark horses!!! Come on guys!! The question is WHO is going to win??????? the moves!

Lucy - amazing voice

Ricky - nice and different which is what we need!

Rachel and her spot on style

For some X Factor inside scoop, take a look at The X Factor Blog and for more opinions from the public, read The Mirror's Blog.

I am also loving Dannii Minogue's new hair and style :) She is a total style icon and just looks amazing in anything she wears! Her hair gives her an edgier and trendy look and her eyes just glow! I am sure it has a lot to do with her gorgeous boyfriend 

Dannii Minogue at Pride of Britain Awards

Dannii and Kris... aawwww!


Dannii had a difficult year in 2008 and she was really made out to be an ice queen - she seems lovely and this year it seems she has a lot more coverage on the show, so hopefully people see through all the editing and warm up to her. Go Dannii!!

Dannii in classic black - the edge I was talking about!!

Dannii in casual

Read more about Danni and how she ticks on her very own Official Blog! Great to read and she had a pic with my fave: Robbie Williams... LOVE HIM!!

Anyway apparently there is no cat fight going on behind the scenes between Cheryl and Dannii... think it was all a ploy last year to get good ratings... sadly we all love a bitch fight!! \

Both ladies are beautiful and lovely in their own unique way! They bring a bit of tenderness to the Xfactor which is always needed... Simon and Louis can be a little crass sometimes

Cheryl & Dannii

Loving this look Dannii!!!

Well all, that is it from me this week!

I am looking forward to a LOST weekend - friends and I are going to catch up on Series 5 - the WHOLE weekend... love it! Obviously we will be watching the Xfactor in between!

Enjoy!! Go Olly!!!



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