All About the X Factor!

Well well well! What a weekend for the X factor! Firstly I can't believe the twins are STILL in???

What is going on? Considering all the boos coming from the audience, I am not the only one who thinks they should not be there..??

The great (or once great) Whitney Houston had a fantastic performance and looked amazing in a silver sparkling maxi! The lady has always had a great taste in style... Although her interview left me feeling slightly shocked... and I am sure you felt it too!


Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston on the X Factor

We all know she has battled drug and alcohol addiction for a long time and that she is supposed to be clean now - but that is just so hard to believe!! I am sure we can all understand the natural rush that adrenaline gives you when you are on stage (and making a comeback to very pleased fans) as with Robbie Williams 2 weeks ago... but this was a little weird and a little embarrassing... A lot of viewers were upset by her actions and have complained to ITV and apparently an investigation is now underway... molehills into mountains anyone??

I love Whitney!

A young Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston BET Awards

Whitney Houston at 2009 Grammy Awards

Whitney and Daughter, Bobbi Chris

 I certainly wish Whitney the very best with her comeback and sincerely hope she stays clean for herself and her daughter. (and her career!!)

Olly Murs is now officially my fave act to win the X Factor - a great, great performance from him! A great personality, great voice and a splendid dancer :) Go Olly!


The dancers looked amazing! The flapper dresses really set the tone and made it feel authentic - oh to be able to dance like that!! The 1930's and 40's style is definitely making a fashion comeback - I love the look - the gloves, the pearls, the t-bar shoes and the dancing! I feel a trend coming on... 

Fringe Fashion 2009


This year the Xfactor contestants are all really really good, bar the twins, so I would love to know who your favourite is?? It's a tough one isn't it?

So looking forward to next week! Its going to be brilliant! Who is going to go?? Must love you and leave you!! 'Til next time :) Jx


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