5 essential items for your summer wardrobe…

5 Summer must haves

Summer is all about the fun fun fun! Whether you’re staying home and relaxing or jetting away to paradise it’s all about being in the sun. Having the perfect summer wardrobe can be stressful but with our 5 summer essentials you are one step closer to your perfect summer! So get a cold drink, sit back and take notes!

1 Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are just easy and perfect. It can be worn on a casual day with sandals, simple necklace and a bag.

A maxi dress with a slightly different neckline would be perfect for an evening out with wedges and a clutch bag

2 Casual day dress

During the summer we all like making the most of our day! Waking up super early and keeping busy all day and getting to bed late is what happens. That’s what light simple dresses are made for! Going out to do fun activities or laying in your back garden catching the sun, a pretty little day dress is defiantly needed

3 Denim Shorts

Denim shorts are a must haveespecially due to all the festivals that take place during summer! They go with absolutely anything. We all have those days where we don’t know what to wear and we have tried on every single outfit in our wardrobe but when in doubt just wear a nice pair or denim shorts, you can never go wrong with them. Trendy and cool, perfect for a summer breeze.

4 Kimonos

Kimonos are so on trend and perfect for those slightly windy evening. They pair really well with a simple top and jeans making you look stylish everywhere you do no matter the weather is.

5 Swimwear

Pool parties, beach parties and boat parties are popular in the summer so get prepared!! You can never have enough swimwear when it comes to the summer especially if your holidaying in a hot country and even if you’re not it’s better to have more than less! If it gets a bit chilly, you know what to do, chuck a kimono on top and you’re ready to go!


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