The best Golden Globes dress(ed) of all time

When we think about the Golden Globes Awards, the first thing we think of is the red carpet, packed with smiling celebrities and paparazzi. It goes without saying, our favourite celebs want to look fabulous and shine on this special night. So, we’ve gone back over previous years to pick our selection of the best-dressed actors of all time. Let’s take a look at who is hot on the red carpet!

Sequin princess - Georgina Chapman

Georgina Chapman has clearly a good fashion style. At the 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards in 2016, she decided to wear a stunning gold sequin dress. It's gorgeous long wavy veil with sequin embellishments all over the dress is just as she is - elegant and stunning! Sequin dresses, no matter how shimmery they are, will always bring you that glam look!

 Georgina Chapman

Get flowery style and bloom - Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum

That well-known supermodel has an imagination that can take you far beyond the catwalk! At the 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards, she matched the sexy top with a 3D flower black skirt. That blooming set was an unpredictable attraction of the red carpet, and we were talking about the look far longer than that one-day event.

Be my Valentino - Gemma Chan

At the 2019 Golden Globe Awards, Gemma Chan was also looking hot. Her high waisted, navy colour gown designed by Valentino (Valentino Haute Couture) looked stunning, coupled with red lipstick and her beautiful long legs.

Gemma Chan

Lady Gaga in Valentino

Lady Gaga’s gown designed by Valentino gathered paparazzi attention at the 2019 Golden Globes Award. Its long train and lilac colour matched her hair when wide dress sleeves made her look truly empowered when posing in paparazzi flashes.

Lady Gaga

Dakota Johnson in Gucci

Dakota Johnson was looking very classy at the 2018 Golden Globe Awards. She decided to wear an elegant wavy black maxi dress by the luxurious Gucci brand, powered by truly amazing detailing with an intricate design in the back. Evening dresses first of all need to be elegant and charming - that dress has it all. Dakota added a high-waisted silver belt and minimalist jewellery. All of that made her look very stylish and sexy. If you fancy, you can have a look at GODDIVA’s maxi dresses to find your own lookalike gown!

Dakota Johnson

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