Inspired by House of Gucci - This Season's Must-Have Shirt Dress

Inspired by House of Gucci

Today feels like a good day for a celebrity style blog. If you haven’t yet seen House of Gucci, you should. If you have, the sophisticated dresses worn by Lady Gaga, who is playing Patrizia Reggiani (also known as Black Widow), the socialite who marries Maurizio Gucci (head of the famous Italian fashion brand) is probably the most important thing you remember from the film.

 Goddiva Shirt Brown Dress Inspire by House of Gucci

Goddiva Shirt Brown Dress Inspire by House of Gucci (£69.00) 

Amongst our collection of shirt dresses, there’s a pretty little number that is a copycat of Gaga’s iconic printed polka dot dress. Today, we will show you how you can steal her style – and a few tips more.

Shirt dresses are just amazing. They are not the usual outfit for formal occasions or special events but could very well be the perfect outfit to go out for dinner with friends or for those days when you feel like dressing up to go out but still comfy.

Laddy GAGA

This type of dress can be used with or without tights, with a belt around your waist, or with leather trousers. It’s also a very feminine pick for an office look. With our dress, you don’t need to buy a matching belt as it comes with a self-tie belt already. Let the vintage fever get to you with this amazing piece!

Dotted print dresses – except for a moment where they were associated with the bubonic plague – have been popular since the 18th century. But if you think that makes things easier, think again. There’s a bit of a fashionista science behind styling dotted print dresses, but we will fill you in with a few Dos and Don’ts.

Shirt Dress Brown Inspire by House of Gucci

Unlike what most people would probably tell you, wearing more than one item with dotted print, also known as polka dots, is a yes. However, you must take into consideration you shouldn’t be wearing more than three of these prints at the same time. If you want to go for a layered effect, a single colour shirt or jumper would be best, but you can combine a dotted dress with dotted tights and a scarf, for example.

If you’re feeling confident enough, you can style this dress with a plaid or stripes jacket or a floral scarf. If you want to dress up with a dotted print, the secret is high heels and a blazer. For a more casual Sunday brunch kind of look, you can wear sneakers and a denim jacket.

Goddiva Shirt dress Brown- back

Finally, this is not so much a rule but rather a tip: don’t limit yourself to black and white when styling this dress or wearing polka dots in general. Colours are fun with this pattern – bright or wine red are lively colours for this pattern and so is the emerald green, which is a perfect match for this light brown dress.

Lady Gaga is a sophisticated woman, but you can steal her style with our latest number from our collection of shirt dresses at Goddiva.


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