Slip Into Festive Season With Vicky Pattison's Dreamy Collection

The festive period is upon us, and we're making sure we make it as magical as possible with our whimsical dresses! Christmas will never be cancelled honeys, so make sure you celebrate the most festive day of the year to the MAX - and if you're dreaming of a holiday draped in sparkly sequins, rich wines or everlasting emerald dresses, then we've got you covered with one-of-a-kind Christmas dresses that you only see in your dreams - we collaborated with non other than Vicky Pattison for statement dresses perfect to wrap up 2020 with!
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We've been drooling over our jaw-dropping collaboration with queen Vicky Pattison, who's recently also released the most insane collection over at Quiz - we're aiming to make sure we still get dolled and glammed up this year, because Lord knows we need to! So buckle up, slap on a smile and start planning your Christmas with the most LUSH, sexy Vicky Pattison dresses you'll ever see! Make a stunning, wintry statement with this collection - from unique, asymmetrical styles to fiery, bold colours, you'll find yourself slipping into these evening dresses 10 a.m.-10 p.m., all year round! We’ve got you covered with the evening dresses you need for day, night and any type of event.
An Xmas Show-Off Sesh With Satin
What's Winter without a dash of sexy, sultry satin in your wardrobe? Vicky's visionary satin dresses (and jumpsuits) ooze in class and comfort, with flowy satin and strappy, open back teasing that'll turn heads at your Xmas dinner table.
Spread A Lil Magic With A Pop Of Colour
Sprinkle UP this Christmas with a pop and dip of vibrant, neon colours for Christmas if you're feeling extra dangerous. From hot pinks to bold oranges, Vicky's unique take on the festive season will have you up and out of bed extra early. Think exciting, think playful, and you'll be slipping into the following dresses for all of 2021.
Black That'll Always Fit The Dress Code
They say black is the new black, and it's true! You can't ever go wrong with the king of neutral - and with a bit of naughty lace and bows thrown in, you've got festive season wrapped around your fingers with black dresses for every occasion!
Vicky's dresses will upgrade your wardrobe through 2021, so what are you waiting for darlings? Slip into more of her stunning, festive dresses while you spread joy and cheer and most importantly, S L A Y this Christmas!  X  


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