Is Loungewear the Same as Pyjamas?

The question we have all been dying to know the answer for could be right here. Is loungewear the same as Pyjamas? I feel like the answer will differ from person to person and can depend on the style of the loungewear. For me, there are some styles of loungewear sets that can be used as PJ's, especially over the colder months, sleeping in something warm and fleecy is undoubtedly the best feeling in the world, but when it comes to the warmer months this may not be the case. 

Lounge suits are an easy and fashionable way for us to do our day-to-day tasks, running errands, doing the school run, food shop, going for walks, even travelling. Not only are they great for those reasons but they are also a perfect pick for when going to grab a coffee with your gal pals, or to visit family. Basically, lounge suits are the go-to outfit, you could not do half of those things in pyjamas, we would get looked at funny. With a huge variety of colours, prints and styles you will never want to wear jeans daily again. For the past year, we have had to pack away our jeans and nice tops and opt for a comfier look and loungewear has come out on top. Spending days at home in your PJ's is a thing of the past, and we have learned how to be fashionably glam in our lounge sets. From leggings and oversized t-shirts, to cycling shorts and crop tops. 

The best thing to do when coming home form a long day is to slip into something comfy, which is usually PJ's. Get your pyjamas on, grab a cuppa and slump on the sofa until the TV ends up watching you. But times have changed, because now we do not have to change, because we are already in our loungewear. There are so many similarities between pyjamas and loungewear - they are comfortable, stretchy, breathable, but the only thing is that we cannot wear our PJ's out like we do loungewear, I mean the looks we would get would be horrendous...!

The difference between loungewear and pyjamas is quite simple really, loungewear is more like tracksuits, leggings, oversized t-shirts. PJ's are simply pyjamas, shorts and top, or a night dress – imagine running an errand in your night dress!! However, since lounge suits have become a huge part of our lives in the last year, a lot of clothing companies are introducing nightwear which can be doubled up as lounge wear. For example, good old Primark now sell sets which consist of shorts, long bottoms, t-shirt or crop top and a hoody, so you get the best of both worlds. Having designs like that is fantastic to say the least. 

Unfortunately, Goddiva have not yet launched a collection for nightwear yet, but they do have a few brands on board which sell flawless lounge sets. Have a look out for brands like Cosmochic, Aimelia Apparel, Jenerique and Yumi to get the most fashionable lounge sets.


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