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Top 9 Tips to Choose the Perfect Bridesmaids Dresses

by Goddiva Fasion 14 Mar 2019


When you’re in the middle of planning your big day all the the decisions that you have to make can become a little overwhelming. From choosing flowers and wedding stationary, to arranging seating plans and accommodation, it can be all to easy to end up feeling a little muddled up and lost at times.   One of the most important decisions to make (alongside your wedding venue and your dress) is choosing what your bridesmaids will wear. Your bridesmaids will be with you throughout the day, in many of your wedding photos and will set off your colour scheme, so it’s an important decision to get right. To make things a little bit easier, here are nine tips to choose the perfect bridesmaids dresses…  

Consider your own dress

While your bridesmaids certainly shouldn’t match your dress, they should work together. Your bridesmaids dresses should complement your bridal look, so consider this when searching for the perfect dresses. Ideally, you want to choose your own dress first, so that this influences your bridesmaids dresses, rather than the other way round. A good example of coordinating your dresses is if you are wearing a busy dress with lots of detail, lace and beading, you might want to consider keeping your bridesmaids dresses fairly simple. Similarly, if your dress is simple in style, embellished and more luxurious bridesmaids dresses would work well.  

Think about skin tones when it comes to colour choices

Avoid over complicating things by trying to suit everyone perfectly, but do consider skin tones when choosing a colour scheme. Paler colours such as blush or champagne don’t always work on those with fair skin, but if you’re keen to go for a pretty and muted shade, a spray tan could always provide an easy fix. In addition to skin tones, consider hair colour too. Some colours clash a little with red hair, so bear this in mind if you do have a red headed bridesmaids.  

Consider body types and mix and match styles

 Another thing to consider is body types. We are all different and each of us have different body shapes and different concerns. If your bridesmaids all differ in size and shape, consider mixing and matching styles. The best way to do this is to choose a colour that everyone will wear and then pick dresses that vary in style, but that are the same in colour. This will ensure a cohesive look, but also a look that will suit each individual, instead of going for a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Set a budget

Setting a clear budget early on will help you with the process of elimination. It’s easy to get carried away and find loads of style you love, but without having a clear idea of how much you want to spend it can be tricky to move forward and create a comprehensive short list. Cheap bridesmaids dresses might actually be nicer than you think, so if you’re working to a tight budget, don’t be afraid to look at some inexpensive options.

Work with the season

 It’s so easy to find a style, fall in love with it, and completely forget about the practicalities. Not only will your dresses not quite look right, but your bridesmaids will be pretty uncomfortable too if you completely disregard the season. For winter consider long sleeves and long dresses, and in summer think about midi bridesmaids dresses that aren’t too heavy.

Be inspired by your own personal tastes and style

While it’s important to ensure your bridesmaids are happy with what they are wearing, if you’re struggling to pin down a style or a colour that you like, turn to your own personal tastes for inspiration. Think about the colours and styles that you are drawn to. If you’re still not sure, try using Pinterest to create an inspiration board, and the styles you like will soon become clear.

Consider comfort

Don’t forget that your bridesmaids will be wearing their dresses all day, so comfort is key. To help you ensure you choose the perfect size for them, take all of their sizes and measurements ahead of choosing your dresses. Once they arrive, get everyone together to try them on to ensure everyone is comfortable and that the dresses fit perfectly. If necessary alterations often don’t cost a lot, and can make all the difference when it comes to cheap bridesmaids dresses, ensuring they fit perfectly for a luxury look and feel.

Start looking as early as possible

 The sooner you can start your search the better, as this allows plenty of time to source the perfect dress and ensure everyone is happy with the fit. As mentioned above, finding your dresses early on will also ensure there’s enough time for any alterations to be made.

Ask for your bridesmaids opinion

Don’t be afraid to ask for help and for your bridesmaids opinion. Remember they are there to help you when you need it which will help take the pressure off. Listen to what your bridesmaids have to say about the type of dresses they might like to wear, and the colours they prefer. This might help you narrow down dress styles, such as maxi bridesmaids dresses, midi styles, fitted styles and so on. Remember though that ultimately the final decision lies with you, so stick to your guns if there’s a style you really love.   Choosing your bridesmaids dresses is an exciting time. If you’re working towards a budget and are looking for stylish but cheap bridesmaids dresses, our collection has a variety of on-trend styles and colours to choose from.
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