Which Wedding Dress Suits my Shape?

Amber Domenech

Choosing your dream wedding dress is something every little girl dreams of, although you might not still be planning on wearing the fairy princess look with matching wings you had your heart set on when you were five! There are so many styles to choose from it can get a little overwhelming, so to...
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10 Colourful Wedding Dress Colours You Need To Know About

Iman Zia

Long gone are the days where the classic white wedding dress glistened on a bride's big day. The saintly whites, angelic ivories and refreshing creams will always be the most treasured colours, it's time for deliciously lush shades like gold, pink and red to come through and shine.    How To Pick Your Dream Colour  A bride-to-be must be...
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How to plan your wedding during lockdown ?

Goddiva Fasion

As if planning a wedding wasn't difficult enough as it is already, let alone planning it during a worldwide pandemic! Well we are here to shed some light and guidance on how to plan your wedding throughout lockdown. With a wedding being one of the biggest days in a woman's life, it's only fair...
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