Pale Pink Is The Hottest Bridesmaid Colour of 2021

The most romantic shade for a bride's big day is back; soft pink is back to reclaim her throne and reign over all hues of bridesmaids dresses. Pale pink (or blush as we like to call it) is the perfect, fairytale hue for your #BrideTribe, and speaks volumes despite being such a delicate shade. A blush bridesmaids dress is the perfect alternative to a bright pink - and is far more chic and classy! the elegant, lighter shade is both supple and flatters all skin tones - that's how magical it is. Blush bridesmaids dresses are simple, effortless and the most exquisite option for your big day! Pink is always going to be a colour theme so many brides-to-be naturally gravitate to, as it has so many qualities that go so well with the perfect wedding. Blush also compliments white beautifully, and also compliments a black suit - so really, it's the most ethereal, most economical and most fool-proof shade to choose for your girlies. While it might be the go-to choice for a romantic, summery wedding, who says you can't slip into this shade in the winter? Rules are made to be broken (and it's not much of a rule, let's be honest)! An exquisite blush unfurls warmth, radiance, and teases a Cinderella-esque vibe that'll have you envisioning your bridesmaids as Disney princesses. Goddiva's edit of stunning, blush bridesmaid dresses come in varying fabrics, with both classic falls and modern twists for every personality! From lush sequin dresses to romantic lace, and 3D flower mesh - our varying, intricate dresses will have you utterly spoilt for choice! The other association that many will have with the blush bridesmaids dresses is with fairy tales. There is something very pure about the colour, it pairs perfectly with white flower arrangements and of course the white in the brides’ dress (if you choose to wear white of course). With this in mid we adore our Faux Feather Cape Bridesmaids Dress is a shimmering blush sequin dress with an added opulence provided by a white faux feather shoulder cape. This dress is the perfect unity of the glamorous perfect princess dress and the devilish style and allure of the villain. We've compiled ten of our most popular, trending blush bridesmaids dresses to start mass-ordering today for your big day!


Goddiva Sunray Sequin Maxi Dress - Blush



Goddiva Bardot Bow Detail Maxi Dress - Blush



Goddiva Off the Shoulder Embroidered Sequin Maxi Dress - Blush



Goddiva Stripe Sequin Maxi Dress with Split - Blush





Sequin and Chiffon Maxi Dress - Rose





Pleated Bodice Sequin & Chiffon Maxi Dress - Rose



Goddiva 3D Flower Mesh Maxi Dress - Blush




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