How to plan your wedding during lockdown ?

As if planning a wedding wasn't difficult enough as it is already, let alone planning it during a worldwide pandemic! Well we are here to shed some light and guidance on how to plan your wedding throughout lockdown. With a wedding being one of the biggest days in a woman's life, it's only fair that the day is as perfect as she dreamt it to be. This quarantine lockdown might be the perfect time to start to plan your upcoming nuptials; well your partner has nowhere to escape when you bring up the word "WEDDING", now you and your partner can sit together and start planning. Although planning a wedding during quarantine lockdown may seem hard, not being able to go to specialist shops to have a look and get a feel of what you want for you and your bridesmaids, looking at dream venues, food tasting and cake sampling. But there is so much that the two of you can start to put together like a guest list. 
Why not try putting a mood board together, pinning the styles and colours you and your partner feel will match your style and budget. Make list of things you both desire for your big day (yes you can even add that chocolate fountain and saxophone player to it). Flavours of cakes, foods you want served, colours for the bridesmaids, suits for the groomsmen - of course they need to match the bridesmaids' dresses. What types of flowers you want, venues and music. Well, here at Goddiva we have made at least one of these things easier for you, holding one of the most magnificent ranges of bridesmaids' dresses at prices that will not hurt the bank account and styles that are flawless.
 One of the biggest things about planning your wedding is the colour theme (well after finding your dream wedding dress that is). Once you have a colour theme then knowing what you're looking for is ten times easier. With colours like champagne, gold, navy blue, blush pink and emerald greens being some of the top colours for themes for the big day, finding the final touches has never been easier. Found your perfect colour for your big day? Great! That's where we come in. With Goddiva being well known for their stunning collection of bridesmaid's dresses, finding a colour to match your theme is going to be as easy as ABC. With colours like blush pink, navy bluewine red and champagne golds being some of the most popular colours for bridesmaids' dresses, the only thing you're going to find challenging is whether to go for sequins, chiffon, lace or scuba crepe. With our bridesmaids dress collection ranging from sizes 6-26; you'll find the perfect dress for your squad. Goddiva have constructed bridesmaids' dresses to suit women of all shapes and sizes. With figure hugging styles, A-line styles, one shoulder, off the shoulder and classic V-neck styles, you'll definitely be spoilt for choice. Not to mention sparkly sequin dresses, luxurious lace dresses and sensational scuba crepe dresses.
Once you'd chosen your dream dress and the dresses of dreams for your bridesmaids, everything else will fall into place. Choosing your bouquet and a flower arrangement for your bridesmaids, centre place pieces for the guest tables, shoes and accessories for you and your team - oh and of course making sure your life partner's outfit looks almost as good as yours, it will all come so easily to you. With jaw dropping styles, in a variety of colours like peachy oranges, mint greens, powder blues and luscious lavenders to name a few, our bridesmaids' dresses are available in maxi and midi lengths, with a variation of different fabrics, alternative styles and unbeatable prices. Choosing a Goddiva bridesmaids dress is one of the best things you will do, not only for your bank account but for your big day, looking back and thinking about how stunning you looked in your dream dress next to your girls wearing their dresses of dreams. Go to to find the perfect bridesmaids dress - you can thank us later!


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