Goddiva Bridesmaids Takeover Part Two

Planning the happiest day of your life is very important so we are back with even more advice as to just how to make the day as perfect as you always dreamed of…
Goddiva has so many different styles of dresses for your bridesmaid so they can be sculpted into your style of wedding,
What are the best styles for bridesmaids at a summer wedding?
Multi way dresses are by far the number one choice for summer weddings. The style is flattering and each bridesmaid can have their own unique look if you don’t want it to look like they’re in a uniform. Multi way dresses tend to be a winner for girls of all shapes and sizes and choosing one colour for all in different styles ties the wedding party together.
Sequin dresses are always a big hit for bridesmaids, no matter the season. In the right colours in summer they will give bridesmaids a magical look. In Winter sequins can give a Disney Elsa look in Ice Blue and shades of pale green or opt for a more traditional festive look in wine red or emerald green. A New Years Eve wedding would envisage silver or gold sequins for a sparkling star like metallic theme.
Are open back dresses a good idea?
Open back dresses are a good idea if you have bridesmaids with a smaller frame. You’ll tend to find that open back dresses tend to be a better fit for girls with a smaller bust. Open back dresses can usually be found in sizes 8-12 (sometimes in a size 14). These are especially good for weddings abroad or in the height of summer as in winter especially in Britain the poor girls would be feeling the cold.
Are sequins a good choice for my bridesmaids?
Sequins are the hands down winning choice for bridesmaids, no matter the season a sequin dress will always come out on top. Having your bridesmaids in a sequin dress can up the glamour of their look by 100%. You can never go wrong with a sequin dress, what girl doesn’t want to sparkle on her bestie’s big day? Not only that, we have seen that by having your team in sequins makes the bride stand out 10 times more. Also sparkle embellishment in certain areas can be very flattering and you want your wedding party to look their best.
Captured at Wotton House on 13Sep, 2019 by Nisha Haq Photography
What style – flowing, fitted or fishtail?
Princess style elaborate skirted gowns seem to be popular with brides choosing a more flowing style for their bridesmaids. A flowing style is more flattering especially if you have bridesmaids who are of different shapes and sizes. Not only that but it gives them a feel of comfort for the whole day and these styles work in all colours of the rainbow so you are not limited by colour palette.
So no matter if your vows are taken in a beautiful old church, a secluded beach over seas, or in a little hotel on Valentines Day, Goddiva and Goddiva Plus can happily cater for your wedding parties fashion needs so you have less to worry about and enjoy every second of your special day.
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