Confused on Bridesmaid Dresses: follow Bridesmaids Q & A

Make sure your wedding is ever inch the fairtale you have always dreamed of with our easy to follow guide on selecting the perfect bridesmaid dresses for all of your wedding party.

Opt for a Champagne colour pallette with our bandeau sequin and chiffon maxi dress, £79
or our open back sequin maxi dress also in champagne, £69

When it comes to picking dresses for your Bridesmaids it is no easy task, coordinating a colour pallet, choosing a style and keeping everyone happy is really a lot to juggle. Luckily here at Goddiva we have made this process a lot easier. After the main bridal gown itself a brides chosen bridesmaid dress has a headline-supporting role on the big day. It needs to be as beautiful and smart as the brides’ gown without upstaging her and in turn making the bridesmaids look pretty like jewels supporting the brides diamond role. The dresses must follow the weddings colour scheme, sometimes bridesmaids all in the same shade but different styles of dress rather than all wearing the same design of dress, this is when our Goddiva special bridesmaid colour palettes in sections on our site come in especially useful. Which is why we are so lucky that many brides chose our occasion dresses to be part of their big day as the beautiful pictures in this blog prove. Making sure all is so picture perfect on the wedding day itself can be especially tricky so let us guide you and take off some of the pressure!

Your perfect day deserves the most perfect dress, try our cowl back sequin and chiffon maxi dressin navy, £65

How can I do to ask someone to be my bridesmaid?

Why not set up a brunch or drinks date with your chosen bridal team, before your guests arrive at your chosen meet up spot have a box for each bridesmaid to be sat ready and waiting on each seat with ‘open me’ written on every box. H excited ladies will find upon opening the box there will be a little note saying, “I can’t say I do without you; will you be my bridesmaid?” In that box will also be a little gift to say thank you to your girls for being by your side on the big day and in the lead up to it. His is just a suggestion we are sure you can personalise this special asking task with your own personal touches just like your big day itself!

For a sparkly sequin bridesmaid dress why not try a Gold sequinned low Vneck maxi dress, £69 or a bow detail sequin maxi dress, £69 

Choosing an outfit for my bridesmaids, how do I start to think about it?

Every brides vision for her big day differs so how you want your chosen attendants to look on the big day when assembled with the whole wedding party is down to yourself and your future husband. The bridesmaids and the groomsmen should all look smart yet distinctive when assembled in the wedding party. The number in the bridal party and budget is down to you and of course the more people involved the wider your budget has to stretch. At first perhaps think about choosing a style which would suit all the chosen bridesmaids, something that can cater to their individual shapes and ensure that the dress you decide upon is available in all the required sizes. This could be something that you may want to sit down with your bridesmaids to discuss.

These bridesmaids are all wearing the Goddiva front twist bardot maxi in red, £49

How do I keep my bridesmaid’s dresses in keeping with the colour or theme for my wedding?

Choosing bridesmaids dresses that fit with your wedding ‘theme’ or colour scheme is key in keeping the whole feel of your wedding consistent. Christmas weddings often bring to mind a sequin dress or festive red or green colour palette. Alternatively, brides often choose their colour themes in keeping with flowers which are seasonal when they get married, red roses for a romantic February wedding, Spring daffodils at an April wedding, Peony’s at a May Wedding or perhaps Sunflowers for a summer wedding. The flowers colours in turn predict your colour palette and our bespoke ranges of colour co-ordinated dresses include pieces perfect for formal weddings with sophisticated navy blue bridesmaid dresses. For winter weddings perhaps add a touch of class with a rich wine red bridesmaid dress, gold bridesmaid dresses or adelicate sparkly dress to continue the festive theme. For a quiet country nuptials perhaps a maxi dress with sleeves?

What ever you decide upon we are sure your perfect day will be as romantic and perfect as you have both always dreamed of!




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