Phi Phi Island, a fashion trend area in Thailand

In 2004 a devastating tsunami swept the Indian Ocean and took more than 220,000 lives and destroyed a dozen Southeast Asian countries. In Thailand, its paradisiacal beaches became a living hell, as you can see in the realistic film "The Impossible", directed by Juan Antonio Bayona and starring Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts.

Time before, Thailand, the "land of smiles" was one of the most visited destinations in the world thanks to its spectacular white sand beaches and crystalline waters, Buddhist temples, the nature of their tropical jungles, the friendliness of its people , its delicious cuisine and of course, his famous sex tourism.

Years after the tsunami, Thailand has regained her smile and, following the political instability of recent times, it appears as seductive and exotic as before. One of the most beautiful destinations is Phi Phi Island, located in Phangnga Bay and overcrowded since Leonardo DiCaprio was lost in its coves looking for an earthly paradise away from the madding crowd in the famous movie "The Beach”.

Today lot of famous celebrities visit the island and wear the best clothes of the best designers in order to show off their fortune.

The island becomes every summer in an ideal showcase for new fashion trends. As you know, Phi Phi Island is the birthplace of the fashion in Thailand. If you are looking for something different, this place is for you. No doubt and visit the Island and its beaches. It will be an amazing experience.


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