What to wear this Christmas party season

Well, it’s that time of year again. Time for the annual Christmas party, time to get together with friends and family and time to paint the town red – and maybe green and white too because, you know, those are the colours of Christmas! I love this time of year because it’s when we can all let loose and party but, more than that, I love any excuse to dress up – and this is the perfect season for it. In this article I look at some fantastic fashion tips that can help you pull off a great look this Christmas period. If you’re stuck for ideas or you’re unsure how to dress in style this season, then worry no more – just read on!

Tip 1: Don’t get overwhelmed – there are exactly 7 key fashion trends this season

It is so easy to get lost in the noise out there. The fashion industry is huge and can be quite overwhelming sometimes when you are trying to keep up with the latest trends. Save yourself the headache, as there are exactly 7 key trends to be aware of this season. So which trends to embrace when it comes to Christmas outfits for women…?
  1. Go for embellishment – from a dress with embellished neckline (shiny diamonds or pearls on a delicate sheer) to dresses fully covered with beautiful beadings or just an embellished clutch bag to spice up a classic little black dress outfit. There are so many ways to embrace the embellished trend;
  2. Opt in for the playful alternative – the embroidery – We have seen it everywhere, on dresses, bombers, jackets, jeans. And it is here to stay next season as well;
  3. Fall in love with the velvet – The fluffy fabric made its big come back this year. From classic black to bright yellow, purple – just imagine how beautiful and classy look you can pull in a long velvet gown this Christmas;
  4. Some call it off-the shoulder, cut-outs or bardot – in a nutshell it’s all about showing some skin;
  5. Outshine the competition – probably the most festive trend, the shimmering sequins or as someone calls it the metallic trend. You can never go wrong with a glittery, sparkly evening dress. Look for Gold or Champagne or Silver colours;
  6. Wear a large, oversized coat (tartan or animal print). Another trendy option are the capers – stylish yet not warm enough in my opinion;
  7. Think Chocker!!! – this accessory overtook the stage in a storm. There are so many chockers out there. Pretty much for every outfit – from party mini to floor-sweeping gown.

Tip 2: Create a slim silhouette and hide problem areas

You know something else about the Christmas period? As well as it being fun? It’s that time of year when we all tend to indulge – and if you’re anything like me, it’s the time of year when the potbelly emerges! Well, don’t sweat it, because you can use your Christmas party dresses to camouflage and hide these troublesome areas. For example, by choosing a dress that finishes above the knee, you can really help to make your legs appear longer. Adding medium to high heels will additionally help balancing your body figure. Go for skater dress with a high waist that will magically hide your belly under. If you want a truly glamour outfit such as a maxi gown, have no fear. Opt for a dress that is gathered on the waist with a bow or frill detail or simply pleated. In combination with a front split, it will enable you to move freely, show off your legs and draw the full attention to them. Bye bye belly!

Tip 3: It’s easier to take away than to add

With it being better to go overboard than to be too demure in your choices this season, don’t forget this extends to accessories. It’s the best season to accessorise to your heart’s content. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, the time of the Christmas tree; so it’s perfectly acceptable to decorate yourself as much as you would your tree. If you do think you’ve maybe overdone it, though, and feel uncomfortable, then it’s easy to remove accessories. Conversely, it’s much harder to venture into town or go to a party and, realising you’re underdressed compared to everyone else, try to do something about it! I hope you’ve enjoyed learning some of the key fashion trends this season and our tips. But the most important thing to remember, of course, is to feel comfortable and to have a good time! Yours, Goddiva Girl


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