How to make the most of online Christmas shopping

Let’s be honest, there are few things better than deriving the maximum amount of joy from money you’ve spent. And, if you want bang-for-your-buck when Christmas shopping , check out our super-dooper useful tips below.
It doesn’t matter what type of Christmas shopper you are – the last-minute-buyer; the start-searching-in-March-over-achiever; the semi-normal, start-slowly-in-November purchaser; the relaxed, take-it-in-your-stride shopper; or something else entirely – here we offer some fantastic tips to help you get it right this festive season.
Tip 1: Discounts and vouchers
A great way to find awesome presents and to spend less money is to always be on the look-out for online vouchers and discounts.
You can do a few different things here – but to make the most of your shopping on the Internet, be sure to:
• Check out online voucher specialists like Groupon and Wowcher – they find amazing discounts for you because they’ve already done all the hard work of organising the various purchases into groups; so all you have to do is click and browse their catalogue, which is really easy;
• If you use Chrome, try the ‘Honey’ extension to check out which Christmas shopping discounts and vouchers are hot and current; granted, it may take a little while to get the hang of it, but once you do you’ll doubtless discover bargains galore.
Tip 2: Early birds do catch the best deals
Let’s not kid ourselves, it’s only a few weeks to Christmas now, so if you haven’t started your shopping it’s probably time to pull your finger out and get started. Otherwise, you might find the only things left in the shops are the stuff nobody really wants – and that’s no good!
If you are a last-minute shopper, you’ll know only too well what it’s like trawling through the shopping centres on the last few days before Christmas. You’ll know it can be an utter nightmare (a guilty admission, though: I do love that busy and rushed atmosphere – it makes me feel alive to be squashed like a sardine in between my fellow shoppers!).
Still, I know I like it for the hustle and bustle of the atmosphere; I don’t like the queues and I don’t like how the only stuff left is pretty much tat. The truth then is it’s definitely much better to get your shopping started now – and if you want some peace and quiet while doing it, try getting it done on weekdays at off-peak times, such as late at night or early in the morning.
All things said, though, the best thing about November shopping is undoubtedly the discounts. As Christmas gets nearer, retail outlets start to put up their prices and that means you end up spending more money for less. It’s well within your interest then, given December’s fast approaching, to get started sooner rather than later – and start by hunting those discounts online instead of pounding those high street pavements.
So, go on, try out our suggestions – and then let us know how you got on!
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