YouTube Music Awards 2013

If you weren’t watching the first ever YouTube Music Awards or YTMA’s on Sunday the 3rd of November, you were missing an evening of chaos. The show was unlike any other awards show, which streamed live around the world announcing winners to 6 different categories. It was unscripted which made it very interesting to watch due to the awkward silences and transitions… but there were however, fabulous performances from artists including Lady Gaga, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, and Eminem.

As much as we enjoyed the music, our attention was naturally focused towards the fashion. It wasn’t shocking that Gaga showed up in what seemed like a Halloween costume with terrifying false teeth and a tartan shirt. Watching MIA walk down the red carpet wearing a bright pink sweater with tie dyed jeans in the freezing New York City weather made us shiver. Lastly, we thought that Vanessa Hudgens’ gold Dolce and Gabbana dress from the Fall 2013 collection could be used for some holiday inspiration. If you’re interested, you can see it all for yourself here.

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