What will your sundress look like in the 22nd century?

Future Fashion

We wouldn't dream of wearing the corsets and bustles our great grandmothers endured 100 years ago and you can be pretty sure in 2114 our great grandchildren will be thinking the same thing about our clothing choice today. With British Fashion colleges like Central St Martin's and The Royal College of Art developing and researching into smart fabrics, textile embedded nanotechnology and the like the question over what the sundress will look like in the 22nd century would be best answered by scientists.

The fabrics of the future will be able to interact with our environment, to cool us down or warm us up, to administer healing agents when we're feeling ill and to harness energy from our movements. Our clothing will interact with the room we are in and will be able to change the colour and smell of the room based on our moods. We've already seen brands introduce heat responsive technology and to a less successful attempt who can forget the eighties fad for Global hyper colour t-shirts that changed colour according to body heat (red armpits anyone?).

3-D printing will also have a part to play, fast forward a few decades to when the technology exists for printing fabric and we'll have clothing that is designed for our own body shape and not the pre-destined sizes 6  26.

There will also be an emphasis on sustainability. Dresses that are self cleaning and with the ability to change colour, have the potential to be worn more often, in more ways and therefore a need for less dresses. A time will come when you can wear your sundress year round as it will respond to the fluctuating temperatures and warm your body accordingly. The idea that in the winter you can go out in a shift dress without a coat and still be warm is not too far away. The sundress of 2114 will be able to filter the sun's rays and disperse sunscreen as and when your body needs it.Its fashion but not as we know it.

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