This Kimono is the Best Dress You’ll See This Autumn

Dress of the Season - Multiway Kimono Wrap Dress

Stop the press! Goddiva has just released an item that will change everything you think you know about wrap dresses. Here are five reasons why our Reversible Kimono Wrap Dress (£58.00) is the best dress of this season:

It’s versatile

Reversible Kimono Dress

Versatility is this dress’ middle name. This ¾ sleeve midi-length kimono is a multi-way dress like no other. You can wrap it in many different ways, which allows you to reinvent it every time you wear it, even months after buying it.

Tie it at the front, at the back, on the centre or the side – it’s entirely up to you!

Two colours… in one!

Blue Black Multiway Wrap dress

Reversible clothing is relatively popular in sweatshirts, for example, but not so much in dresses. That hesitation of choosing between two different colours is now over. That’s one of the greatest features of this gown: it’s a reversible dress – royal blue on one side, black on the other. Now, you can have a multi-way dress that suits all seasons and different occasions.

It’s sustainable

Floral Kimono Wrap Dress

Each one of us can play a part in help tackling the climate emergency that is undeniably upon us, including in our fashion choices. It’s good to take into consideration the brands that follow sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, but one simple way to buy sustainably is just to buy less. Our Reversible Kimono Wrap Dress (£58.00) wraps over in over 12 different ways – one dress, a dozen possibilities!

It suits day and night time look

Multiway Wrap Kimono Dress

How many dresses do you have that allow you to switch from day to night look? That’s why you need this wrap-over dress! Royal blue during the day, black during the night. Wear it to go to work, run errands or go for a walk in the park and then turn it inside out and be ready to go for dinner or drinks. You can change the colour and the vibe of this dress that complements you throughout the whole day.

Flattering for different body shapes

Royal Blue Floral Wrap Dress

Wrap dresses are generally very flattering. This one is even more so thanks to the many possibilities of how you can wear it. This convertible dress can be worn off the shoulder, one shoulder, plunging, scoop or v-neckline. You can wrap it over in the way that better suits your body shape, highlighting the details that you would like to drive the attention to or the body parts you like the most.


Our Reversible Kimono Wrap Dress (£58.00) really is one of a kind. And yet, many dresses in one. Are you going to let this one go? 

Written by Catarina Joele


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