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The Ultimate Goddiva Guide to Hassle-Free Clothing Returns When Shopping Online

by Goddiva Account 27 Jun 2024

It finally happened: you made an online purchase, tried it on, and realized it wasn't right for you. Whether it’s the fit or the style, it just isn’t working. Don’t worry! Any reputable online clothing store will have a return policy. However, there are often specific requirements for a garment to be eligible for return. Read on for some tips on trying on clothes so they qualify for a return if they end up not working out.

 Do Not Remove Tags

Never remove clothing tags before you know you’re keeping the item. Sometimes a company will let you make a return without the tags or if you keep the tags even after removing them, but this is a gamble. The safest thing to do is just keep the tags on.

 Keeping It Clean: Avoid Perfumes, Pet Hair, and Stains

When trying on longer items like maxi dresses or jumpsuits, ensure the hems stay clean, as stained clothing can disqualify you from return policies. At Goddiva, clothes that have been obviously worn or washed, or have marks from dust, deodorant, or dirt, are not accepted for returns. Hems are particularly susceptible to these stains. Additionally, avoid getting pet hair on your clothes by trying them on in a pet-free, freshly cleaned room. A lint roller or a piece of tape can help remove any stuck pet fur or fibres. Makeup stains can also prevent returns, so it's best to remove your makeup before trying on clothes. If you must wear makeup, be careful not to let it or deodorant come into contact with the garments. To further ensure return eligibility, refrain from using scented products like perfume on your clothes until you're certain you'll keep them, as fragrances can indicate the clothes have been worn or used.

 Trying On Swimwear

As with other intimates, swimwear must have the hygienic liner on when you’re trying it on. For sanitary reasons, the liner must still be attached if you return it. For your own sanitation, wear underwear or shorts when trying on swimwear and other intimate apparel, and wash your purchase once you’ve confirmed that you want to keep it.

 Include Everything

Don’t forget to return all parts of your items. If clothes come with extra buttons or a belt, those need to be returned as well. Dust and garment bags must also be returned. If you forget to return these items, you may get declined and not be able to return your purchase.

 How to Return Your Order: Labelling, Packing, Refund Time, and Item Handling

Ensure your return label is clearly visible and not warped or distorted by placing it on the largest clear surface of the box rather than wrapping it around the edges. You can print your label at home or obtain one from your local post office. When packing your return, neatly pack it to prevent damage and include all necessary components. Check with your postal service for any limitations on weight or dimensions. You should receive your refund within 5-10 business days after we receive your return, and you will be notified once it’s issued. Depending on the retailer, returns are handled differently. At Goddiva, we’re committed to offering quality products to our customers while also keeping sustainability in mind, ensuring that any product returned by customers is of the same brand-new quality as the product that is directly received by the manufacturer.

 Can You Return Items That Are Damaged?

If you cause damage to the item, it is not eligible for returns. However, if your purchase was damaged upon arrival (meaning you did not damage it yourself), that may very well be a different story. If an item arrives damaged, you’ll want to reach out to the retailer’s customer service for assistance.

When returned items enter our facilities, they undergo an extensive Quality Control process by our returns team to ensure the returned items are free of any defects or damages. These products must be of brand-new quality with all tags present; any of those items that pass that process are repackaged and put back onto the shelves. Any defect found in that process is taken out of our inventory, and the damaged item then goes through another QC process with a different team that is able to take more time to fix any issues with a bit more time and care. If they can fix any problems with the item and meet our high standards, this product is deemed worthy to restock.

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