• 10 Popular Prom Dresses To Slip Into

    10 Popular Prom Dresses To Slip Into

    It's never too late to start planning celebrations for the end of the school year. After the last year of lockdowns, cancelled parties, zero social interaction and raging anxiety, it's finally time to start planning our societal comeback. After Boris announced his roadmap to easing lockdown, we've all manically started planning our first night out, delayed weddings, post-lockdown parties, birthdays and prom night! School...
  • The 5 Hottest Colour Trends We'll Be Wearing All Year Round

    The 5 Hottest Colour Trends We'll Be Wearing All Year Round

    It might be cosy-up-layer-to-the-point-of-no-return season, but remember, getting lazy and opting for the usual winter black is a NO GO! So before you click 'checkout' on your next black winter haul, have a look at all the trending colours you need to invest in for your next social gathering, and MAKE BUDGET SPACE darlings! The most recent runway trends have dripped out a number of...
  • Once Upon a Prom Queen

    Once Upon a Prom Queen

    Prom It’s that time parents dread and teenagers love, when the school sends home ticket details for the Prom. But fear not until the end of March the lovely people here at Goddiva have got 20% off Prom Dresses using the code 'PROMQUEEN' . So you can get that gorgeous dress they want after all. Glitz and glamour are our middle names so Goddiva...
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