Mint is in. So is crochet and so are our REAL Goddiva Girls!

Brrr! Still wearing my winter PJ's... are we ever going to get some sun?? Ho hum. Anywaaay, this week sees Goddiva's new Summer range hit the website with full force!! Have you had a look at it yet?? Some gorgeous maxi's, sexy mini skirts (we love these!), leather gladiator sandals (we love these too!), oh so comfy linen playsuits, crochet cotton dress (Perfect and bang on-trend for the Summer festivals!!!) and some great retro polka dots !! Get shopping! Expect to see plenty more this week... we are sooo excited! The sun had better come out so we can get our gladiators on ;) This week we saw the trials and tribulations of Soap Life at the British Soap Awards 2010... there were some lovely dress styles and then there were some awful ones.. The better looking ladies included: Zoe Lister, Jenny McAlpine, Stephanie Waring, Sacha Parkinson and Michelle Keegan. Worst dress of the night unfortunatley went to Bronagh Waugh of Hollyoaks... oh deaf Zoe Lister of Hollyoaks                                    
                                                                          Jenny McAlpine of CorrieMichelle Keegan - Corrie  Sacha Parkinson of CorrieBronagh Waugh of Hollyoaks (??)
Shame on you Bronagh, less is not more in this case... Anyway... It seems this week everyone is wearing florals and crochet - we like! Gingham is also making a pretty retro comeback - and the colour mint is making it's presence very well known... don't be scared to wear it; it won't drain you, just make sure you wear rosy cheeks and sexy eyeliner! Oh and only 18 days left until we get to see Sex and The City 2... We can't wait! Cosmo's and heels at the readySex And The City 2 Poster... slightly too airbrushed![
Now there seems to be something wrong with this poster... They look just like creepy mannequins!! C'mon SATC ladies you are in your mid 30's to 40' should be captured naturally like Britney Spears was a few months back! Tut tut... Take a look at more of our REAL Goddiva Girl Entrants... they are gorgeous!!
Charlie Lonneke GemmaBeth Ivana Hannah Kelly Jean Michelle Maria L Stephanie DAnita
Haha! That's it from me this week ;) My track of the week is Weezer's " Island in the Sun" - enjoy!!


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