Jamie Winstone's leopard print coat in London Fashion Week

I managed to get a wee glimpse of the Bafta Awards on telly last night and I just want to say that Jonathan Ross was a great host (although it took a while before the audience warmed up and laughed at his jokes)! He was very well behaved but was still his cheeky, although toned down, self.

The red carpet arrivals show was good fun to watch and I must say there weren't many WOW dresses but my faves were: Tamsin Egerton, Bonnie Wright and Edith Bowman! Not many but take a look:

Tamsin Egerton

Bonnie Wright - loved this dress!

Jodie Whittaker

Edith Bowman - loved this dress too! Maybe not Bafta material though? But LOVED IT ūüôā


London Town is very busy this week as it's also London Fashion Week!! So we have had The Brits, The Bafta's and now London Fashion Week... any of you spotted any celebs yet?

I've heard whispers that China White, Willa's and Mark's Bar are where you need to find them :) if that is your thing? Pixie Geldof modelled for Vivienne Westwood's Red Label and looked every inch the edgy model! There were plenty of the Brit pack out and about in the front rows too - all loving their denims and nudes :) I really, really love Jamie Winstone's leopard print coat.. you will see why...!!

Pixie Geldof in Vivienne Westwood's Red Label

Jamie Winstone (LOVE her coat!!) & Melanie Blatt

Pixie and Alexa Chung

Mark Fast caused a bit of a stir again with his size 14 models... I personally do not see any problem with it as fashion is beautiful and should be embraced by all people, shapes and sizes! We are all different individuals and need to celebrate this. The average UK woman is a size 14 anyway!! Go Mark Fast and his model muse, Hayley Morley!

Hayley Morley - Mark Fast's muse 

This week is supposed to pour down with rain (although I am very happy that we are now above 5 degs!!) so keep dry and warm lovelies!

Until next time!


song of the week:

Band of Skulls - I know What I am


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