Leather Handbags You Shouldn’t Miss

Ah, handbags. There’s nothing quite like them. They are one of women’s favourite fashion items (after shoes, of course). If you want to buy women's bags, better do it well and invest in good quality items that will serve you for more than just a couple of years. Here’s a list of seven irresistible – no, not the seven deadly sins – only the best leather handbags of this autumn:

Black and White Leather Tote Bag

Black and White Leather Travel Tote Bag (£140.00)

Let’s start with an item that you’ll probably pin on your Black Friday treats’ list. This leather tote is a very fashionable travel bag but also good for work. Laptop, water bottle, coffee tumbler and maybe a few clothes for the evening gym routine – you can fit it all easily. This handbag is also available in a red wine and orange version.

Navy Leather Shopper Bag

Navy Blue Leather Shopper Bag (£135.00)

Wow, look at this lovely double-handled leather squared bag. It’s also available in black and red. This is a stylish and spacious bag; just imagine it with a suit! It’s a great companion for everyday errands, work or weekend getaways.

Half Moon Leather Handbag

Brown Half Moon Leather Bag (£149.00)

Half-moon-shaped handbags are trending this season and so are the metallic chains and detailing – this bag has everything. This is 100% genuine leather embellished with a laser-cut design. A great investment as smaller but elegant handbags will always come in handy.

Red Leather Tote Bag

Red Catrin Leather Tote Bag (£100.00)

And here’s a bag for confident women. The pretty colourful strap goes well with the bold colours of the bag (also available in blue and blush). This handbag is the perfect partner in crime for a midi wrap dress and a good pair of ankle boots, so get ready to add it to your favourites.

Blush LEather Bucket Bag

Blush Leather Bucket Bag (£199.00)

Buckets bags are another one of those trends that are here to stay, so you might want to consider investing in a design like this. This sand/pink blush pastel colour is in this autumn, but there are other three options available on the website: black (white inside), navy blue (pink inside) and red (purple inside).

Pink Leather Saddle Bag

Pink Leather Saddle Bag (£70.00)

Smooth grain leather, silver-grey satin lining and adjustable strap. This is a small handbag with good taste. You can wear it at brunch, dinner dates and nights out with friends – take just what you need and add a classy feel to your outfit.

Navy Blue Leather Handbag

Navy Blue Leather Handbag (£95.00)

Let’s wrap up with another full grain-leather bag. This is a great handbag, especially for office and professional looks. It has four pockets, three large compartments inside, double straps and a truly exquisite hint; a great pick if you want a bag to make a difference in that important work meeting. 

They are useful and most of us can’t do without them, but handbags can also be the final magic touch of a great outfit. There’s a place full of fashion treats that will blow the mind of any fashionista: explore the collection of handbags at Goddiva.

Written by Catarina Joele


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