How to Dress those Curves!

‘Your body is Wonderland’ -Rightly said by John Mayor (Singer). No matter how high the standards of looking Hot as well as pretty rise and change, the basic beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Each woman should embrace her femininity and drape herself to accentuate every part of her body. Each type of body structure can be flattered as per their style statement and a personality. To make the best out of those curvy or a thin voluptuous build one must try on an ideal outfit. Getting the right body fit can boost a girl’s moral. Maxi Dresses, Plus Sizes Maxi Dresses, Formal Maxi Dresses in Goddiva And that’s where we give you our style advice to deck up! Oops dress up!! In the most Sassy manner ever especially when it’s time to celebrate the festivities.
  • Pear shape: Kate Winslet, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and Kim Kardashian are all examples of Pear shaped body. This shape defines that your body has smaller waist (which is worth flaunting), slighter bust and wide hips (which should be hidden properly). Such ladies can wear the dress by drawing attention to the waist, bringing the eye inwards. Make sure the bottom is always a solid dark colour in contrast to the top, hence creating a fantastic slim look. Nice Peplum Dress can be a best fit to hide the bottom.
  • Hourglass shape: Kelly Brook the brit actress has perfect hourglass figure. Since centuries hourglass figure has been idealized by both men and women. It is one of very voluptuous shapes of a woman, such curvaceous ladies must emphasize the waist with perfectly fitted, clinched dress. Like a sexy cut out bodycon LBD.
  • Rectangular Shape: Structured detailing and similar circumference. It’s perfect for showing off your sexy legs. With that square shaped look here is a guide to understand how to flatter your body shape. Check my style suggestion and make yourself look stunning even though you can wear anything in the world as you have a nice balance of body yet getting the right outfit to define your body is important. You can wear straight dresses but wear more body hugging styles. Define your curves by well fitted UGs and show off your shoulders as well as arms.
                           Goddiva’s one shoulder different maxi dresses can make you look sensual.                                      
  • Embroidered back Detailed Prom Dress with chiffon skirt perfect for rectangular shape gals with nice stilettoes complimenting the dress.
Highly stylish Turtle Neckline midi dress with scalloped detailed laces worn with nice ankle strap heels would look fab on that firm shaped body. Apple Shape for a fuller figure. It can be difficult to dress up. Jennifer Hudson and Tyra Banks with Drew Barrymore in deep necks look gregarious in their apple shaped figure. Similarly you would look sexier with a quarter sleeve , low neckline, cleavage with V-neck and a great empire line, eyes are certainly drawn upwards embracing that fuller figure , you will look flattering and fabulous with wrap-dresses to sculpt out your bust and hide the abdomen.So whether you like hugging bodycon dress or a Maxi Dresses UK in Goddiva has something special for all you beautiful ladies.


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