Happy Birthday HRH :)

Happy Hump Day all :D What a glorious day it is – the sun is out, we are halfway through the week and it’s the Queen’s Official Birthday today! The reason I say official is because The Queen really was born on this day in 1926, however we celebrate The Queen’s Birthday on the 1st or 2nd Saturday in June which is marked by a ceremony called Trooping the Colour which is also more affectionately known as the Queen’s Birthday Parade ... wouldn’t it be great if it was marked with a Bank Holiday?? We can only dream!

Kylie Minogue has revealed that she will be releasing her 11th studio album in July... I am looking forward to the music videos... Beyonce has set a very high standard with her amazing dance moves... can Kylie do it?? And can we replicate them on a night out??

So there are a couple of news flashes rocking the gossip scene: Is Angelina Jolie preggars again? Aaaand... Did Oprah Winfrey “big up” her traumatic childhood?? The gossip columns will be buzzing the next few weeks!

This week I am loving flowing, printed maxi dresses – they are perfect for the warmer weather and with all the amazing prints available there is a lot to choose from. My fave’s are the Aztec, African and floral prints with a tanned or metallic sandal – but if you decide to go for a block colour or neutral shade maxi, remember to brighten it up with a loud colour sandal or bag... and it’s one or the other, we don’t want to go OTT with colour or blandness ;) Check out Goddiva's colourful and very affordable maxi dresses :) So if you are lucky enough to be outside today get out there and enjoy it for those of us stuck in the office!!! Until next time Jx p.s. sunny tune for this week is Empire of The Sun’s Walking on a Dream... enjoy x


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