Goddiva on XFactor, printed trousers and lace.. So HOT now!

Sunday night. XFactor begins...

Low and behold, TreyC Cohen is wearing our Dress in the style of Tulisa! My poor flatmate was in the middle of her conversation which I couldn't help but ignore because I was completely and utterly focused on trying to take a decent pic of our dress on the telly! I managed to get one... a few actually. During the ad break when we rewound the footage  

TreyC Cohen wearing our Tulisa XFactor Dress from my iPhone 🙂

TreyC Cohen in our Tulisa Xfactor Dress with a bit of Cher Lloyd on the side

Cheryl's Girls

Thanks to our wonderful PR company, PHA Media - TreyC wore our dress and boy, did she do it justice!! We're sending more dresses to the studios this week for Sunday's show... fingers crossed one of the lovely ladies will wear us!

All very exciting!! Our office is literally abuzz 

Some good news... Our Fashion Assistant, Nikkie, has started naming all our new shoes... which can only mean one thing! They'll be available on the website to buy very, very soon!! We will let you know all about it via Facebook and the newsletter! Be sure to keep an eye out - there are some really lovely styles which will be the cherry on top for any outfit!

Trends this week we're looking at very sexy thigh high boots - heels or flats will do. With the weather getting very cold, very quickly - they're perfect for keeping snug and looking hot at the same time... team up with a military style cape coat and you are fully loaded :) Printed trousers are also really big at the moment - worn with ankle boots and a chiffon blouse!


Chloe Sevigney - always ahead of fashion and always looks amazing! Starter of the printed trouser look! 

 Lace is also making a very sneaky comeback in sleeves, backs and trims... wear it sparingly! Less is more

Gorgeous evening gown with elegant lace sleeves... a gorgeous vintage look!

Speaking of great style... My look of the week goes to Carey Mulligan in Vionnet Spring 2011 - the pleats, the neckline and the colours give Carey a girly yet edgy look - we HEART it!!

Carey Mulligan in Vionnet - effortless elegance!

So that's it for me this week! Until next time...


Track of the week: Jack Penate's Tonight's Today - exteded version... ENJOY!


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