Fashion Boomerangs are back with variety of designs

Ever noticed how some trends just keep on coming back season after season?

In this week’s blog entry we take a look at which fashion boomerangs continue to stay top of the fashion charts. So go an invest some of these key trends - you can guarantee they'll be in fashion for a long time yet...

1. Leopard Print Since the 1960’s it’s been the only animal print that has been forever in fashion. No need to save it just for the weekend though – leopard print accessories are a simple way to glam up any outfit from casual cool to office chic.

2. Bold Minimalism Simple shapes, cleans cuts, and bold colours will never cease to remain chic, from classic French styles to edgy Scandinavian cool, minimalism is here to stay!

3. Bare all Body-Con dresses Ever since Herve Leger pioneered his body con dresses in the 1980’s, we can scarcely think of a red carpet event since that hasn’t featured at least one of these figure hugging beauties. There's no need to be afraid – Body-con dresses are actually very flattering as they pull you in like a pair of all over Spanx – just don’t forget those skyscraper heels!

4. Flirty Florals Constantly evolving from ditsy, abstract, bold, and artistic, florals are the ultimate wardrobe investment – guaranteed to add a touch of girly glamour to any outfit, celebrities and fashionistas alike just can’t seem to get enough of fabulous florals!

5. Fashion Stripes Easily one of the most worn trends to emerge on the high st the classic striped Breton has seen many reincarnations – from tops to skirts, blouses, and dresses. And it’s all thanks to Coco Chanel.

6. Lovely Lace Looks like lace isn’t going anywhere fast – especially after it was given the royal seal of approval this summer by K Middy at her wedding and subsequent royal visits. Extremely versatile, lace shifts can be dressed up with heels for a night out, or given a more masculine makeover by pairing with studded denim, leather and bold statement jewellery.


So now you know which trends are here to stay you can invest wisely in those key transitional Autumn/Winter pieces with confidence, as you know just like a boomerang they'll keep on coming back!



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